Arashi The Company Vision Co., Ltd has launched a compact 360-degree camera Insta360 Nano . 70-gram gadget claims to be a device for everyday use — light, compact, ultra-modern!

Module to the iPhone. The camera is interesting primarily for its realization in the form module to the latest smartphones from Apple. After connecting your camera with the iPhone 6/7 through Lightning interface, the user rotates the smartphone and launching a proprietary iOS app Insta360 , transformerait iPhone into a full spherical camera to take 360-degree photos and videos.

Camera Insta360 Nano with a guarantee. Certified camera Insta360 Nano with 1 year warranty! Manual in Russian!

Spherical camera Insta360 Nano. Work offline. In addition to working in tandem with the phone by the manufacturer with offline mode — built-in battery capacity 800 mAh battery is sufficient for continuous operation for hours. Film content Insta360 Nano automatically records on a microSD drive. Nano supports memory cards up to 64 GB.

Great potential! In small sizes of camera hidden advanced hardware and software! 2xCMOS lenses Sony 8 mega pixels. angle for 210° shoots video at a maximum resolution of up to 3040×1520 (30 frame/sec) and photos up to 8 mega pixels. (4096×2048).

IPhone apps. Control shooting mode, Live Preview, when you connect the camera to the phone is through the app Insta360 . Just before you start recording, the application can manage the settings of the picture with preview on the smartphone screen: ISO, white balance, exposure, colors, timer shooting, etc. After recording, the finished photo and videos are available for basic editing with the possibility of uploading to YouTube and Facebook.

Spherical camera Insta360 Nano. Panoramic camera for iPhone Insta360 Nano

Stream videos into the network. The camera supports Live-mode with stream video to social network Facebook and YouTube. Online stream takes place wirelessly (by connecting the camera to the iPhone) via Wi-Fi module of the smartphone.

VR goggles in the kit. After some manipulation, box-transformer, which supplied Insta360 Nano turns into cardboard VR glasses (similar to Google Cardboard). Included with the camera includes user manual, USB cable and case for storing and carrying compact gadget.

Learn more about Insta360 Nano.

Insta360 Nano Consider (The 360 Camera For Your iPhone!)

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