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Insta360 Nano Comment (The 360 Camera For Your iPhone!)

Insta360 Nano on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2vkEM6J Today we remove a look at the Insta360 Nano, the first ever 360 camera to integrate seamlessly into your iPhone! For more fearsome 360ness: Instagram...

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    01/23/18 ,via

  • Insta360's new Nano S camera shoots 360-inchmeal videos in 4K

    01/08/18 ,via The Verge

    Users can also put out 360-degree video calls to anyone, even if the person being called doesn't have a Nano S camera. To dwelling one, you just generate a link in the Nano S app and send it to the person you want to call. When they open the identify with, they'll be

  • The Insta360 Nano S transforms your iPhone into a 4K 360-highly camera

    01/11/18 ,via Neowin

    Insta360 has only been on all sides for a few years but has already delivered plenty of devices and has partnered with large companies to proposal products that revolve around 360-degree photography. The Insta360 Nano made its inauguration two years ago and now the

  • Now chance your iPhone into 360-degree camera with latest Insta360 Nano S

    01/13/18 ,via International Business Times, India Edition

    The Nano S offers a One-come to earth a detonate sharing feature through which you can share your videos and photos to social media platforms like –Facebook, Trill, Instagram and more. The device supports external memory up to 128GB and backed with 800mAH battery. The

  • Insta360 Nano S al CES 2018, cam 4K a 360° per iPhone | Anteprima video

    01/08/18 ,via HDblog (Blog)

    La startup cinese Insta360 ha mostrato al CES di Las Vegas la sua Insta360 Nano S, nuova versione della fotocamera "advertisement-in" per iPhone aggiornata con supporto ai video in risoluzione 4K a 360° e foto da 20 megapixel. Altra novità di questa versione è

Insta360's new Nano S camera shoots 360-somewhat videos in 4K - The Verge

Insta360 has revealed an upgraded side of its 360-degree Nano camera that attaches to iPhones, called the Nano S. The big change here is an upgrade to 4K video recording and 20MP stills. The Nano S has the same doc form as its predecessor and connects to your iPhone’s Lightning port.

Once you’ve recorded something, users can shorten the 360-degree videos and photos for sharing...

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Insta360 Nano S al CES 2018, cam 4K a 360° per iPhone | Anteprima video - HDblog (Blog)

Insta360 ha anche aggiunto la funzione "MultiView Shooting" per realizzare video da due o tre angoli di ripresa ed una video tete-?-tete a 360 gradi che può essere condivisa con chiunque, anche senza Insta360 o app. La Insta360 Nano S, inoltre, viene venduta in pack off con un piccolo supporto pieghevole che consente di tenere in posizione un iPhone durante le riprese.


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Insta360 Nano is a pretty and affordable 360-degree camera - CNET

, the Nano lets you quick snap 360-degree pictures or videos with its dual f2.0 fish-eye lenses. It takes video with up to 3K proposition (3,040x1,520 pixels) and supports livestreaming to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope. That means you can barrage 360-degree video in full HD while you're out and about -- so long as you have the mobile observations plan to support it, of course.

The Insta360 Nano is...

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RT @hiep_co: "The Nano S is $239, comes in disgraceful or silver, and is available from the Insta360 store and Amazon globally" https://t.co/Owkp… 01/08/18, @ytlivestream
"The Nano S is $239, comes in awful or silver, and is available from the Insta360 store and Amazon globally"… https://t.co/XZw4On6zwx 01/08/18, @hiep_co