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Insta360 Nano Look at (The 360 Camera For Your iPhone!)

Insta360 Nano on Amazon: Today we shock a resemble a look at the Insta360 Nano, the first ever 360 camera to integrate seamlessly into your iPhone! For more wonderful 360ness: Instagram...

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    01/19/18 ,via

  • Insta360 Nano S does multi-cam video with 4K spherical nab

    01/08/18 ,via Engadget

    Before the Pro, One and Air, Insta360 was already known for its to some degree affordable 360-degree camera dongle, Nano, which was released for iOS devices since 2016. For CES 2018, the Chinese startup brought out a Nano S, which makes use of the same

  • Top 10 Gadgets From CES

    01/17/18 ,via HuffPost

    At CES, I came across a figure up of portable wireless Qi chargers that can refill an iPhone X, a Samsung Galaxy 8 or any other Qi-compatible wirelessly chargeable phone. My favorites were the Scosche Power Bank Fix ($69.99, April, pictured), a 5000mAh

  • Trek into your photo!

    01/06/18 ,via The Asian Age

    The big avoid has come from Chinese spherical video technology company Shenzhen Akashi Vision whose Insta 360 cameras are the delighted's tiniest in this class, the size of a ping pong ball and weighing about 25 grams. The followers has a model for

  • Insta360 ONE camera: how this one shoots divers

    08/28/17 ,via SlashGear

    I don't tend a whole lot about capturing 360-degree spherical video. It's interesting when I'm in a post where things are happening all around me, but that's not something that happens all that often. What the Insta360 ONE presents is a inimitable use

Insta360 Nano S does multi-cam video with 4K spherical capture - Engadget

In additionally to this unsurprising refresh, Insta360 took things one step further by adding a yoke of practical features: MultiView Shooting to output a conventional video clip with two or three camera angles and 360-magnitude video chat that gives any recipient, even someone without an Insta360 device or app, a live spherical cityscape on the caller's end. For the latter, the caller just needs to...


Strut into your photo! - The Asian Age

It’s nonetheless to say hello to 360 degree panoramic photos and videos... all frank images you can create and then walk through, long after. Here’s how: Not too many camera and phone makers are talking about it, but 360 estate shooting has crept upon us, unheralded. Photos and videos captured with a 360 camera provide a stunningly immersive way to see places. You can enjoy a full spherical view,...


Insta360 ONE camera: how this one shoots other - SlashGear

The newest in 4K-proficient 360 camera hardware comes in the Insta360 ONE, a device that’s unique in more ways than one. While the 360 (spherical) camera merchandise expands in leaps and bounds, each device aims to bring both high value output and a set of features that no competing camera has. For the Insta360 One, that means offering a new way to shoot.

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