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Insta360 Nano Assess (The 360 Camera For Your iPhone!)

Insta360 Nano on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2vkEM6J Today we pocket a look at the Insta360 Nano, the first ever 360 camera to integrate seamlessly into your iPhone! For more unbelievable 360ness: Instagram...

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  • Insta360 Nano S does multi-cam video with 4K spherical nab

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    Before the Pro, One and Air, Insta360 was already known for its extent affordable 360-degree camera dongle, Nano, which was released for iOS devices since 2016. For CES 2018, the Chinese startup brought out a Nano S, which makes use of the same

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    Insta360 Nano S: Okay, I'm cheating here. I found two dexterous 360-degree cameras, but I couldn't decide which was the more clever and effective solution. Up first is the Insta360 Nano S ($239, on sale now), a 4K 360-degree camera accouterment that slides

  • Haunt into your photo!

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    The big reprimand has come from Chinese spherical video technology company Shenzhen Akashi Vision whose Insta 360 cameras are the the human race's tiniest in this class, the size of a ping pong ball and weighing about 25 grams. The gathering has a model for

  • Insta360 Nano

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    The other pull the wool over someone's eyes in the 's arsenal is live streaming through your iPhone's internet link. You can configure it to work through Facebook Live or YouTube. I used the latter, following the house's online tutorial video. There are a few

Now you can reorganize 360 photos in Photoshop … here's how - Digital Trends

Adobe Photoshop has in the end caught on to the 360 trend. Beginning with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 , the popular photo writer can now open and edit 360 photos — and not muck your images all up. Earlier versions could unobstructed the files, sure, but the process rendered an image into a regular aspect relationship, removing features like the ability to scroll around when viewing the representative on Facebook or the...

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Insta360 Nano - TrustedReviews

What is the Insta360 Nano?

If you own an iPhone and hunger to get into capturing VR-friendly 360-degree video, the Insta360 Nano is one of the easiest ways to get started. It’s a easily understood iPhone attachment that houses dual cameras and connects to your iPhone by virtue of the lightning connector.

The camera will work with iPhones dating back to the iPhone 6 all the way to the...

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Insta360 Air 360-status camera review - Digital Trends

Effective reality headsets and 360-degree videos are trends that don’t show signs of disappearing in the near approaching. That means you may want to start taking and sharing this type of media, ready to astonish and delight your friends and social media followers. Except, 360-extent cameras can be invariably expensive to buy , often difficult to use, and almost always another sizeable thingumajig to carry...

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Insta360 Nano S does 'multi-cam' video with 4K spherical nab #photography https://t.co/0WnBEhDbGW - Learn More https://t.co/0aKbWS4Qks 01/13/18, @Patterns4Nature
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Insta360 Nano S does 'multi-cam' video with 4K spherical catch https://t.co/Nd4rTflIPq (Engadget) 01/09/18, @hikosaemon