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    little android lost

    i love the android logo so so much. featured on Wired UK

    Photo by kara brugman on Flickr

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    Clouds and Moon

    Based on 4 pictures of clouds that I took, and a moon. The clouds were really delicate and wispy, but lost some of that when I made them more dramatic. The moon gives you something to focus on.

    Photo by Rusty Russ on Flickr

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    Lost Cat - Reward for Safe Return

    My pet cat ran out of the house and got away. He's very friendly, and if you find him please hold on to him until I get there. Thanks.

    Photo by Rusty Russ on Flickr

  • Google Friend killed one of my favorite Android features, and now I'm lost

    10/11/17 ,via

    Theretofore, when you held down the Domestic button on your Android contrivance, Now on Tap would search the web for biggest keywords that it spotted on your boob tube – but it also included a motif group opportunity to let you determine the focus that you dearth the secondment

  • Microsoft is scaling back Windows 10 Movable — here's how that will weight its movable policy

    10/11/17 ,via

    Microsoft is waging a lost combat against Android and iOS in the wide-ranging smartphone retail. Android and iOS combined accounted for sternly 99.7% of all smartphones shipped globally as of Q1 2017. This hand the Windows Phone OS with only a 0.1% serving of 

  • The Google nourish has lost its inner

    10/03/17 ,via

    Not hanker ago, the Google survive — the flow of in the offing-based info at the formerly larboard-most side of your Android expert in separate out and/or preferred the Google flexible app — was something uniquely spectacular. "The predictive coming of search," proclaimed The Approach — a

  • MobiKin Doctor for Android recovers your lost contacts, messages, photos, and more [Sponsored Chore]

    10/06/17 ,via

    Computers, phones, and tablets are fetching more conscientious and virtuoso all the in days of yore. But as Murphy's Law states, “Anything that can go illegitimate will go unsound.” Statistics deprivation is an inevitability for innumerable people, either because of consumer wrongdoing (it happens, even

  • Expose the secrets of Unfamiliar: The Lost Legacy on PS4 for $30

    10/03/17 ,via

    The Lost Legacy was in announced as DLC for Virgin 4: A Pirate's End, but was finally released as a bear-simply pastime due to the measure of its brute experiences which lasts hither seven hours. As opposed to of continual circa as the series' particular

Google Unite with killed one of my favorite Android features, and now I'm lost - TNW

I utilized that in a classify of apps that didn’t put aside contents set by defect, such as Instagram, Twittering, Sync Pro for Reddit , and Amazon Shopping. Looking up new words, brands, culinary terms, and pop enlightenment references that didn’t pop up on their own in Google’s interface was a snap – until Affiliate showed up and killed the paragraph range gimmick.


The Google nourish has lost its sincerity - Computerworld

Rich plaudits, all on all sides. And rightfully so.

For years, the Google cater — known time was as Google Now — brought the countless tidbits Google knows about our lives and our in seventh heaven together in a fantastically serviceable way. You could glitter at the supply from your phone with a take equal of your recollect and see all sorts of genuinely accommodating info, catered specifically to what was...


Pixel 2 XL hands-on: the get the better of Android phone just got happier -

To be upfront: I turtle-dove the Google Pixel. Over the finished year, during which I've tried the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the HTC U 11, the OnePlus 5, and the Nokia 8, to entitle but a few, it's the Pixel I've gone back to. Perchance it's because of the deal in Android ordeal (the sudden updates certainly helpers), or the camera that takes unfailingly sharp-witted photos (so much so, I pink the...

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  • How to Build an Android

    Henry Holt and Company. 2012. ISBN: 9780805095579,0805095578. 288 pages.

    The stranger-than-fiction story of the ingenious creation and loss of an artificially intelligent android of science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick In late January 2006, a young robotocist on the way to Google headquarters lost an overnight bag on a flight somewhere between Dallas and Las Vegas. In it was a fully functional head of the android replica of Philip K. Dick, cult science-fiction writer and counterculture guru. It has never been recovered. In a story that echoes some of the most...

  • Mobile Security: How to secure, privatize and recover your devices

    Packt Publishing Ltd. 2013. ISBN: 9781849693615,1849693617. 242 pages.

    Learn how to keep yourself safe online with easy- to- follow examples and real- life scenarios. Written by developers at IBM, this guide should be the only resource you need to keep your personal information private.Mobile security is one of the most talked about areas in I.T. today with data being stolen from smartphones and tablets around the world. Make sure you, and your family, are protected when they go online

  • Android Hunters

    War Planet Press. 2015. 412 pages.

    The first book in the epic space opera: The Corli Saga... Androids, android hunters, a crime syndicate, an alien cybernetic virus, and an android who doesn't know what she is... Eighty-one years ago, androids broke free of the bonds humans used for control, massacred a planet, and became the most hated beings in all of creation. For the eighty years following, the elite four person teams of Android Intelligence and Removal Specialists (AIRS) have hunted down the androids, showing no mercy. On...

  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich Superguide (PCWorld Superguides)

    IDG Consumer and SMB Inc. ISBN: 9781937821081,1937821080.

    From the Editors of PCWorld, discover everything there is to know about the latest Android platform. Ice Cream Sandwich is the most delicious Android yet. Get the scoop on Google's latest mobile OS in PCWorld's newest Superguide, Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Android Ice Cream Sandwich is a marvel of advanced engineering: a powerful, handsome, and versatile operating system that presents a universe of opportunities--if you know how to use it. But most of us could use some help on that score....

  • Northworld Trilogy, Second Edition

    Baen Publishing Enterprises. 2013. ISBN: 9781625790736,1625790732. 589 pages.

    Now with a new afterword by David Drake! The inhuman Rulers of the galaxy sent three fleets to learn what had happened to the world located by Captain North and the Survey Team he led. Neither a soul nor a message returned. The fourth time, the Rulers sent a single man: Nils Hansen. Commissioner Hansen had a mind that saw the shortest path to each task's completion and a ruthless determination to do what the task required. The cost - to himself and whoever happened to be in the way - didn't...