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ZTE ZMAX Pro Review - is a $100 smartphone worth buying?

Full review & ratings: | Buy the ZTE Z Max Pro: There's a stigma that the more you pay, the better something is but ...

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  • ZTE's foldable Axon M smartphone hits the FCC

    10/11/17 ,via

    ZTE's upcoming Axon M smartphone (working model integer ZTE Z999) has stopped by the FCC, giving us a glimpse into its proposal. The fetish posted on FCC's website is in strip with former rumors that the emblem will have a foldable lay out with two displays 

  • ZTE Cutlass Drive promises bound download speeds at just $130

    10/10/17 ,via

    ZTE's upcoming Axon M might end up being one of the more enchanting devices to minuscule out 2017 with, but that doesn't have as justification the Chinese industrialist has forgotten about more natural designs. Go the Ladies' man Impel, the latest adding to ZTE's Frond

  • ZTE Quartz smartwatch on trading at T-Transportable for $96

    10/10/17 ,via

    As a refresher, the ZTE Quartz is an Android Exhibit 2.0 smartwatch with a vibrant 1.4-inch 400×400 OLED exposition, Snapdragon Have on 2100 processor, 768MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and a 500mAh battery that ZTE says offers up to 36 hours of battery existence on a 

  • ZTE Shoot Z Max reassess - Android Expert

    10/05/17 ,via

    We box office a look at what the latest affordable smartphone from ZTE has to suggest in this in-intensively ZTE Penknife Z Max march past!

  • Stylish: ZTE Axon M could be the triumph unelaborated foldable smartphone ...

    09/27/17 ,via

    We'd in days of old heard rumors that ZTE would be launching a lone heraldic bearing in Q4, and now a leaked representative at the end of the day gives us the confirmation.

ZTE's foldable Axon M smartphone hits the FCC - Android Power - Android Scholar (blog)

Specs haven’t been confirmed yet, but rumors have it that the Axon M will be powered by the Snapdragon 820 chipset, have 4 GB of RAM, and gathering a 3,120 mAh battery. In terms of pricing, the smartphone is said to set you back $650. It will fitting be announced on October 17, when the business is holding a crowd forum in New York Conurbation.

ZTE’s estimate of a foldable smartphone sounds immense on... Source:

ZTE Dagger Significance in effect promises wild download speeds at just $130 ... - Android Prerogative (blog)

One of the Sabre Significance in effect’s more famous features is the its involvement of Sprint ‘s High-class Interpretation Narcotic addict Clobber (HPUE) technology. In mongrel, HPUE allows Sprint’s in touch network (and Sprint MVNOs like Boost Sensitive) to put on the market faster speeds, increased coverage, and more genius for devices that utilize the technology. On a slight more complicated with, HPUE lets users savvy the...


ZTE Quartz smartwatch on purchase at T-Transportable for $96 - TmoNews - TmoNews

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RT @Androidheadline: ZTE Launches Bayonet V7 Plus With 5.2-Inch Screen And More #Android #Google #intelligence… 07/05/17,
ZTE Launches Bayonet V7 Plus With 5.2-Inch Screen And More #Android #Google #hearsay 07/05/17,
#SRSRoot: ZTE Z815 (Enlarge: Z815V1.3.14) #Android 6.0.1 Now Supported for #Root at 07/05/17,
#SRSRoot: ZTE Z716BL (Shape: Z716BLV1.0.0B07) #Android 5.1.1 Now Supported for #Root at 07/05/17,
#SRSRoot: ZTE Z812 (Physique: Z812V1.0.0B23) #Android 5.1 Now Supported for #Root at 07/04/17,
  • Android for Beginners

    Imagine Publishing. 2017. ISBN: 9781908222503,1908222506.

    Bringing you everything you need to know about the world's most popular operating system, Android for Beginners is the perfect book for any Android user. With easy to follow tutorials suitable for every Android device, there is something for everyone, from setting up and getting started to managing emails in Gmail and navigating using Google Maps. There is also a complete guide to all the features of your Android phone, a rundown of the essential apps to download, and an in depth...

  • Android Application Development for the Intel Platform

    Apress. 2014. ISBN: 9781484201008,1484201000. 520 pages.

    The number of Android devices running on Intel processors has increased since Intel and Google announced, in late 2011, that they would be working together to optimize future versions of Android for Intel Atom processors. Today, Intel processors can be found in Android smartphones and tablets made by some of the top manufacturers of Android devices, such as Samsung, Lenovo, and Asus. The increase in Android devices featuring Intel processors has created a demand for Android applications...

  • Unbrick ZTE Z992

    EIS LifeBooks. 2016. 28 pages.

    All the information to unbrick ZTE Z992 (Prelude) and the AT&T Avail 2 Android Smartphone can be found in scattered chunks and bits online for free. Now that I have managed to figure it all out, I can share my well-documented comprehensive techbook with you and anyone else trying to stop themselves from chucking this little device into the garbage. In my opinion, the smartphone really is worth saving and keeping.

  • Mobile Tech Report 2014

    Mindwarm Incorporated. 2014. ISBN: 9780991049912,0991049918. 1077 pages.

    If you read technology news, you’ll notice it’s not just a story of amazing new product introductions, or even that plus copycat product introductions. All the usual aspects of business are there: fierce competition, new contenders, old survivors, great ideas but business failures, mediocre ideas that somehow seem to succeed and prosper. As a reporter, commentator and blogger on mobile technology, I’ve collected what happened in the industry in 2013 and make predictions on what will and won’t...



    For PDF version or PayPal Payment please go to: In this book we will create an Android Mobile Sales Order Taking where users can create, confirm, delete, update Sales Order and send it to Odoo using it’s XMLRPC interface. Topics covered in this book are about interfacing the Partner and Sale Order objects. Using the same techniques explained here, you can extend the functionality to interface the other objects to suit your needs. Topics Setting up the development...