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    My Workstation, 16-07-12

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    Escritorios maqueros: Universitaros

    Este es el escritorio que utilizo en la Universidad #UDLAP (de derecha a izquierda): Abajo: Xbox 360 Slim Blue Microphone Snowball Libro "Steve Jobs" Airport Express iPhone 4S 16GB MacBook Pro 13" SSD...

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    No need to order online, anytime can come and find me. iPhone 4 8GB RM 1449, 4S 16GB RM 1799 and iPhone 5 - all black & white available #Apple #iPhone4 #iPhone4S #iPhone5

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  • Here's How Apple Has Been Pricing iPhones Over Days of yore 10 Years

    10/09/17 ,via Guiding Tech

    Another feature that has remained unchanged is how Apple has been pricing their iPhones. Apple boss Steve Jobs stated when he beforehand launched the in network timeliness and the iPhone 3G solved that argue. The prices of iPhone 3G started at $199 for the

  • Apple investigating self-adjusting Apple Be prepared bands

    10/10/17 ,via AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

    As assigned by the U.S. Prominent and Trademark Occupation, Apple's U.S. Conspicuous No. 9,781,984 for "Energetic fit alignment for wearable electronic devices" details methods in which a wearable symbol, like Apple Watch, can tighten or untie an fastened strap

  • No iPhone 8 bonanza for Hong Kong traders as resale prices secure low on found day

    09/22/17 ,via South China Morning Post

    Thousands of consumers lined up at Apple stores across Hong Kong when the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Bonus were launched ultimate year. The stores in Pre-eminent and Causeway Bay opened their doors old at 8am and set up mass mastery barriers at the entry-way.

  • Apple hikes form, replacement & AppleCare+ prices for iPhones

    09/13/17 ,via AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

    2.0GHz/8GB/256GB (Gray), $1,299.00+, $200. 2.0GHz/8/256GB (Silverware), $1,289.00+, $210. 2016 15" MacBook Pros, Expenditure, Shelter. 2.6/16/256GB/450 (Gray), $1,899.00+, $500. 2.6/16/256GB/450 (Polished), $1,899.00+, $500. 2.7/16/512GB/455 (Gray), $2,099.00 

  • Tatty Samsung Deals

    09/25/17 ,via MoneySavingExpert

    The S5, S4, S3 and Note 4 away with a micro-Sim (like the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S). The S6 and S7 and the Verge models make for a pick up a nano. If you've already got your adept Sim-only great amount and scarceness to put your Sim window-card into a phone that takes a micro or nano Sim

Apple iPhone: The wend one's way of ten years and counting - Gizmodo India

With its 3.5 inch cloak, the iPhone 1 laid the creation of the excursion of iPhones. The smartphone brought different features with it as it was the fundamental phone having touchscreen and access to web. The pomp had the pixel density of 320 x 480 which was considered the subdue at that spell. It also had a 2-megapixel camera and a storage office of 8GB.

At the Macworld Convention... Source: www.gizmodo.in

We compared arms specs for every iPhone at all times made - The Brim about to

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and what safer way to revel than by fascinating a look back at how the armaments in Apple’s iconic smartphone has changed and evolved over ever?

We’ve gone back and tabulated the specs on all 10 generations of iPhones (with the addition of a span of spinoffs) for your viewing recreation. Of course, the chic iPhone 7 and 7 Coupled with win out across the...

Source: www.theverge.com

The iPhone's Greatest Achievements 10 Years Later - Someday

It's also undergone radical frame upheavals since 2007. It's effortlessly to fail that the archetypal likeness didn't have an App Cumulate. Its touchscreen was a absolute 3.5-inches with 480-by-320 pixel undertaking — Lilliputian compared to the spacious, stoned-motion displays we quaff for granted today. But today's iPhones didn't get there overnight. The creative iPhone laid the instituting for the novel smartphone,... Source: time.com
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    1. Samsung S3徹底分析:三星年度旗艦機正式發表,GOGO全面為你介紹它的特性及功能。 2. 最新30款APP、Android、Windows Mobile專用軟體介紹。 3. 哈燒手機:將新近發表手機一次完整介紹。 4. HTC VS SAMSUNG兩大品牌手機功能大決戰。 5. 拍照手機選購指南:精選數款優質拍照機搭門號便宜買,讓你一機2用。 6. 212款手機行情表

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    1. iPad 3搶先報:APPLE的平板獨霸全球,現在第代即將現身,GOGO會有第1手的報導。 2. 最新30款APP、Android、Windows Mobile專用軟體介紹。 3. 哈燒手機:Android 4.0正式現身,各家手機商亦開始推出,這裡最完整介紹及報導。 4. 最新手機完整評測及介紹 5. 212款手機行情表

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    1. Samsung S3深度剖析:三星年度旗艦機深度評析功能。 2. 最新30款APP、Android、Windows Mobile專用軟體介紹。 3. 哈燒手機:將新近發表手機一次完整介紹。 4. 開學季換機選購指南:適合學生購買10款新機。 5. 212款手機行情表

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    iPhone 4S完全解析:加了S有什麼不同?且看小編第一手測試報告,已有iPhone 4的朋友需不需要換機?還是等iPhone 5推出時再考慮。 ◎ 最新20款APP、Android專用軟體介紹。 ◎ 最新手機完整評測及介紹 ◎ 212款手機行情表 ◎ 螢幕大比評:螢幕亮不亮有關係,看看各家螢幕效能評比 ◎ 手機輸入法:手機規格強,但最常用到的輸入法,那家最好用?手機GOGO有完整實測。

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