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R1 Intelli Silicon Case Cover with Magnet for the Apple TV Remote by elago Review

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Get it on Amazon here... elago elago R1 Intelli Case [Black]-[Magnet ...

  • icons osx apps

    OSX apps I currently use (January 2010)

    I use some of these a lot more than others...

    Photo by dougbelshaw on Flickr

  • desktop powerbook mac imac ipod treo nintendo mixer rig tivo lcd xm explored retrocactus

    June 2006 Desktop Rig

    Ikea Jerker desk bearing the weight of a geek's toys and tools

    Photo by John Biehler on Flickr

  • 20170430 201704 2017 yardsale yardsale20170430 virginia alexandria clintandcarolynshouse upstairs toy rosariodawsonactionfigure actionfigure rosariodawson entertainment movie movies sincity celebrity wolverineactionfigure wolverine tv tvshow cartoon cartoons cartoonshow xmenevolution nightcrawleractionfigure nightcrawler

    20170430 - after yardsale - 5020722-09 - toys and action figures

    It's not every day that you find Reboot toys. Also Sin City and X-Men Evolution for that matter. But Rosario Dawson is literally so whitewashed that we did not realize it was a Sin City action figure when we bought...

    Photo by Clio CJS on Flickr

  • 20170603 201706 2017 placemat placemats entertainment comic comics comicbook comicbooks theavengers hulkball ball hulk theincrediblehulk character characterthehulk thehulk avengersmailbox mailbox avengers characterthor thor charactermaniron maniron charactercaptainamerica captainamerica virginia alexandria clintandcarolynshouse upstairs yardsale yardsale20170603

    20170603 - yardsale haul - Avengers mailbox and The Hulk ball - 140056

    It was a really good haul this week. A guy had sooooooo much comic book stuff that he was giving away for free because he didn't want to take it back inside. We accidentally ended up at an estate sale for a dead...

    Photo by Clio CJS on Flickr

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