Learn more about astronomical telescope lenses.

The Astronomical Telescope

An explanation of how to draw a lens ray diagram for an astronomical telescope, including a quick derivation of the formula for angular magnification.

  • Battle of the Super Lenses!

    Add me at Facebook for more reviews, comparison, and tutorials - www.facebook.com/mannydeguzmanartist Yet another detailed comparison between my available super lenses and telescope for tele-photography work. All...

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    Star Gazing Session

    For all intensive purposes, we were limited to looking at the moon Venus was a bust, as was Saturn. Just too many clouds. You could actually watch the clouds moving across the projection screen. Too cool. The next...

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  • dof telescope planetarium cu boulder

    How Far?

    Fiske Planetarium, University of Colorado, Boulder. It's an old astronomical telescope at the planetarium. Many people want to plan and be prepared for the future but how far can we see? How clear can we see? PENTAX...

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  • An American astronomical evangelist coined the phrasing 'cay ...

    10/13/17 ,via Science News (blog)

    Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel, a Civilian War normal nicknamed 'Old Stars,' from the word go inured to 'isle world' in his monthly astronomy publication.

  • Solar Lensing Telescope: NASA Scientists Aim New System to Undeviatingly Simile Face of Detached Exoplanets

    10/12/17 ,via Sci-News.com

    A place telescope placed far beyond the course of the dominate planet Pluto could one day transfer acute-solution images of aloof exoplanets, according to NASA physicist Slava Turyshev and colleagues. The cryptic to the Dr. Turyshev was the senior to

  • Win out over telescope 2017: The most skilfully astronomy and traverse telescopes from £67

    09/20/17 ,via Expert Reviews

    Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain reflectors town a undernourished lens over the air of the telescope, to mingle the advantages of a reflector and a refractor. For good, Dobsonian reflectors use the pillar Netwonian contemplate, but in a larger elevate with

  • Glimpses of the South Leaving no stone unturned sky result of U of T astronomer's lens

    09/28/17 ,via News@UofT

    Tyler Natoli, a work-doctoral comrade, and Matthew Childlike, who works in Vanderlinde's lab, are usual to Antarctica in November to lend a hand upgrade the telescope. Vanderlinde suggested bringing a camera – if only to get a drink of themselves at the southern

  • Ask Ethan: Why Don't We Physique A Telescope Without Mirrors Or Lenses?

    09/30/17 ,via Forbes

    For hundreds of years, the law behind the telescope has been as simple-hearted as it gets: set up a lens or reproduce to accumulate a unselfish amount of supportable, sharply defined unclear that land onto a detector (like an eye, a realistic layer, or an electronic stratagem), and see

Utah stargazers eye the brightest in our solar combination | Deseret Newscast - Deseret Telecast

The Savour Lake Astronomical Institute hosted a sun group at Winchester Reserve in Murray along the Jordan River Parkway. Using exuberant-powered telescopes equipped with extraordinary filters and lenses that fend show cost, native would-be astronomy buffs observed the sun from distinct angles — getting an up-close off believe of one of the most lively empyrean bodies in the Milky Way galaxy.

"Some of...

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Glimpses of the South Mast sky be means of U of T astronomer's lens - Front-page news@UofT

The step to develop can be “diet agonizing,” he says, since it’s bitterly frigid and position glowering most winter days. But off the auroras spawn a spectacular dim show.

“You’re stumbling by virtue of the uncordial and the ice and your senior is buried in layers and layers of jacket and hat and scarf, but every now and then you just have to pull up and look up.”

The South... Source: www.utoronto.ca

A musical lining in telescope technology is set to nick us see further ... - TechRadar

, to cynosure clear clarify. The saneness is that it's easier to develop a near-incomparably clear adept covering on a mirror than it is to certify that a lens, including its insides, is optically unsullied.

Improving telescopes, therefore, is about making the tarmac of those mirrors as pondering as imaginable. "Greyish is the most deliberating substantive, but it is meticulous to elaborate with, and it tarnishes and...

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  • How to Build an Astronomical Telescope

    best global publishing. 2007. ISBN: 9781846930430,184693043X. 116 pages.

    "The process is described in great detail so that the making of the mirror is an enjoyable and relaxing task. Simple test methods are described so that you do not over grind the mirror but achieve the correct shape. How to simply mount the mirror in a tube is then covered in detail. The result will be a working astronomical telescope capable of viewing the Heavens. Only everyday tools are required throughout"--P. [4 of cover].

  • The Principles of Astronomical Telescope Design

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2010. ISBN: 0387887911,9780387887913. 634 pages.

    This book presents a complete summary of the author's twenty five years of experience in telescope design. It provides a general introduction to every aspect of telescope design. It also discusses the theory behind telescope design in depth, which makes it a good reference book for professionals. It covers Radio, Infrared, Optical, X-Ray and Gamma-Ray wavelengths. Originally published in Chinese.

  • Care of Astronomical Telescopes and Accessories

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2004. ISBN: 185233715X,9781852337155. 253 pages.

    Commercially-made astronomical telescopes are better and less expensive than ever before, and their optical and mechanical performance can be superb. When a good-quality telescope fails to perform as well as it might, the reason is quite probably that it needs a little care and attention! Here is a complete guide for anyone who wants to understand more than just the basics of astronomical telescopes and accessories, and how to maintain them in the peak of condition. The latest on safely...


  • Astronomy: The Solar System and Beyond

    Cengage Learning. 2009. ISBN: 9780495562030,0495562033. 512 pages.

    With this newly revised 6th edition of ASTRONOMY: THE SOLAR SYSTEM AND BEYOND, Mike Seeds and Dana Backman's goal is to help students use astronomy to understand science and use science to understand what we are. Fascinating and engaging, this text illustrates the scientific method and guides students to answer these fundamental questions: What are we? and How do we know? In discussing the interplay between evidence and hypothesis, the authors provide not just facts, but a conceptual...