BlackBerry KeyOne

KEYone is the first BlackBerry smartphone released TCL after the conclusion of licensing agreement of the brand BlackBerry. Yes, this is again an Android device, and forgive me fans of BlackBerry 10, but its own operating system and could not be really popular in order to justify the cost of developing devices, and an attempt to combine Android and the ergonomics and safety of the BlackBerry is the only possible way to preserve the heritage of the company. Despite the fact that the development KEYone engaged in the company BlackBerry , the new device illustrates how TCL plans to dispose of its heritage. After an innovative but out of range of BlackBerry devices, slider, PRIV, experiments with rebranding on Android devices TCL — DTEK50 and DTEK60 we see again a return to the classic layout QWERTY devices in a new context.

Modern materials and production technology are fully combined with the classic feel of the BlackBerry smartphone as from a reliable instrument, metal, soft rubber, and glass. Based on the design KEYone comprises an aluminum frame, someone will say that the design of the lower part of the body is completely copied from the iPhone 6, but today, this design became de facto standard in the mobile industry due to its reliability, manufactura bility and ease of use.

The upper part of the metal frame surrounds the device and complements the strength of the structure. The design of the upper part of the KEYone is vaguely reminiscent of BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, but in contrast, the KEYone no plastic parts furnished under metal — all that seems metal is really made of aluminum.

BlackBerry KeyOne

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BlackBerry KEYone Unboxing and First Impressions!

Here is a FIRST look at the new BlackBerry KEYone! See what's in the box along with some first impressions of the Android device with a keyboard. Subscribe ...

  • Fly-past: Blackberry KeyOne smartphone

    05/07/17 ,via

    Not big ago, I ran into an acquaintance who was defensive about still carrying a BlackBerry. He didn't have to be. Though their ranks are small, BlackBerry loyalists are an impassioned bunch, folks who appreciate all that the once dominant smartphone maker 

  • BlackBerry's KEYone is an rousing return to form

    02/25/17 ,via

    Yes, "Mercury" was a well-advised b wealthier name, and yes, the capitalization is weirding me out too. No matter: Despite the nature of its creation, the KEYone feels like a attractive triumphant return to form for a brand in need of a boost.

  • How to name an action or app to the BlackBerry Keyone's convenience key

    05/06/17 ,via

    As an added convenience, TCL has added an additional machinery button to the right side of the BlackBerry Keyone. Called the Convenience key, that button can be programmed to establish an app, quickly call someone in your phonebook, or even send a 

  • BlackBerry KeyOne will be readily obtainable next month

    04/27/17 ,via

    The BlackBerry KeyOne smartphone will be present for purchase in the US and Canada starting next month, according to a press release from TCL, the device's fabricator. The KeyOne is the first TCL-manufactured BlackBerry phone to feature a physical 

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    The CrackBerry BlackBerry KEYone Meetup voyage continues this week! We'll be hitting up Calgary and Vancouver this Friday and Saturday, and from there we're off to Ottawa and Montreal, before the celebrated finale of the Canada tour takes place in BlackBerry

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