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Blackview BV5000 обзор долгоиграющего и долгоживущего смартфона fly-past от Andro-News

Эра защищенных смартфонов уже наступила и это знает каждый любитель гаджетов. Blackview BV5000 не сможет соревнова...

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    02/09/18 ,via

  • Blackview BV9000 Pro criticism

    01/29/18 ,via TechRadar

    (Note: An earlier rendition of this article mentioned that the BV9000 had a 720 x 1440-pixel display, when in happening it was 1080 x 2160-pixel version. In addition, you will be able to run dual SIM and microSD concurrently). Blackview has been one of the

  • Blackview BV5000 Is An Affordable Yet Rocky Phone

    08/07/15 ,via Android Headlines - Android News

    Blackview is a Chinese industrialist that was founded a couple of years ago, focusing on making quality devices providing a upstanding overall experience. Now, the company is planning to offer a rugged option known as BV5000. It's designed to tender up against

  • BlackView BV5000: Voděodolný tank s masivní baterkou

    11/25/15 ,via MobilMania.cz

    Odolá vodě, prachu i pádu a má masivní baterii. Potřebujete vědět víc? Jmenuje se BlackView BV5000 a v peněžence vám díru neudělá. 12 FOTOGRAFIÍzobrazit galerii. V dnešním stejno-stejném světě

  • Hands on: Blackview BV6000 judgement

    07/17/16 ,via Techradar India

    That should be enough to limit as a midrange handset as demonstrated by its Antutu score of 46,561, far behind the likes of the from the word go-generation OnePlus One or the iPhone 5S. Connectivity-wise, this handset doesn't do 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It covers the

Blackview BV5000 Is An Affordable Yet Stalwart Phone - Android Headlines - Android News

Tools design has been a focus point for most of the companies that make mobile products, but with more chichi designs, they are becoming more fragile. They are becoming slimmer and more compact and yet more powerful, so sturdier materials have to be occupied in order to make them a little more durable . Of course, there are some users that don’t want to be too thorough with their...

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Hands on: Blackview BV6000 cavalcade - Techradar India

Android vendors are inhumanly where PC vendors were 20 years ago, the golden age of desktop personal computers, with dozens of brands and hundreds of models thriving and catering for the needs of conceivably everybody.

The Blackview BV6000 fits in one of these niches, targeting the growing number of smartphone users who are looking for something a bit more uncompliant than your usual...

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Blackview BV5000: обзор китайского защищенного смартфона с аккумулятором на 5000 мАч - ITC.ua

Никого не удивляет, что известные китайские производители, например, Huawei, Lenovo, Meizu или Xiaomi создают устройства сравнимого с Samsung или Apple качества. При этом за счет более низкой стоимости они выглядят привлекательнее, особенно если речь идет о начальном и среднем сегментах рынка, где характеристики оказываются важнее бренда. Но «китайцы» на этом не заканчиваются –...

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