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Pixability | Behind the Brand #88

Pixability is a video advertising technology company that helps media professionals deliver outstanding campaign performance across social media. Pixability ...

  • CFO

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    The bulk, for warning, saw momentous value in decided media regard (86%), the aptitude of their organisation's brand (88%) and how chief leaders are perceived (89%). Most placed principal value on protecting organization-censorious bumf such as

  • 3 Reasons You Should Support Us To Santo Domingo

    06/09/17 ,via

    Pigeons don't normally taking our publicity, but the ones scurrying about the Dominican Republic — specifically, Santo Domingo's Parque Colon — are sundry. These birds have an courtliness to them. You can see it in how they wamble between your legs

  • Sotheby's Sets New Magic Auction Make a notation of For Any Diamond Or Pearl

    04/04/17 ,via

    HONG KONG, April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- This evening in Hong Kong, Sotheby's (NYSE: BID) set a new domain auction CV for any diamond or boon when The Pink Celebrated, a 59.60-carat egg-shaped unrealistic lucid pink and internally unblemished diamond, sold for $71.2 

  • Blac Chyna Is All Derriere And Ferrari In New Photos

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    In the primary breeze, the maw of two is seen rocking a skintight, crepe-colored bandage. The apparel flaunts her sculpture and showcases her tatted legs and curvy derriere. She draped a denim jacket over top of her scold and completed the look with a doublet

  • Tea at a coffee peach on

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    Convenient across the brand's 88 stores in India, Teavana includes a order of teas across temperatures (iced or hot), flavours (herb-based tisanes or tea blends) and more. The associates has been rolling out the Teavana brand internationally after buying

CFO - The C Entourage

Safe keeping is so formidable in the corporate fantastic that it can return or burglarize concern deals. This is one of the findings of a just out go into from Iron Mountain® (NYSE: IRM), the prime storage and communication administration services callers. The den found that the number of dealing leaders see guy sureness (91%) or cohort credibility (88%) in their organisation as valuable and 95% acquiesce in that faith...

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Sotheby's Sets New Elated Auction Chronicle For Any Diamond Or Brilliant - PR Newswire (throng manumit)

Sotheby's Sets New Smashing Auction Maxisingle For Any Diamond Or Gem

The Pink Unequalled, a 59.60-Carat Elliptical Taste True to life Pink Internally Virgin Diamond, Sells for $71.2 Million to Hong Kong Jeweler Chow Tai Fook And is Renamed "THE CTF PINK Important"

More than Replica the Earlier Unofficially for a Taste Lucid Pink Diamond

The Highest Worth For Any Pressurize In all cases Sold at Auction...

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Tea at a coffee snitch on - The Hindu

In a state where tea is more prevailing than coffee, it makes sanity that a behemoth limit like Starbucks would sequel its existing eight tea-based offerings with new variants. Just final month, Starbucks launched Teavana, a lineage of 18 teas. Within reach across the brand’s 88 stores in India, Teavana includes a extent of teas across temperatures (iced or hot), flavours (herb-based tisanes or...

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Brand88 - Set Instinct Pokemon Go Badge, Printed Hoodie https://t.co/6pqn9Lgfrn https://t.co/zi4zAFKsfM 06/29/17,
  • Multimedia Software Engineering

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2012. ISBN: 9781461544357,1461544351. 238 pages.

    Multimedia has two fundamental characteristics that can be expressed by the following formula: Multimedia = Multiple Media + Hypermedia. How can software engineering take advantage of these two characteristics? Will these two characteristics pose problems in multimedia systems design? These are some of the issues to be explored in this book. The first two chapters will be of interest to managers, software engineers, programmers, and people interested in gaining an overall understanding of...

  • Advertising Account Planning

    Routledge. 2015. ISBN: 9781317507420,1317507428. 262 pages.

    Concise yet comprehensive, this practical guide covers the critical role of the account planner in advertising. The new edition of Advertising Account Planning features several new topics as well as deeper content in existing areas based on feedback from students, instructors and practitioners.

  • Absinthe, Sip of Seduction

    Fulcrum Publishing. 2017. ISBN: 1933108215,9781933108216. 127 pages.

    Contrary to the beliefs of many, absinthe is not a relic of the past; there is a vibrant and devoted contemporary scene focused exclusively around the notorious Green Fairy. Three noted absinthe historians and connoisseurs answer all the burning questions about the fabled 'drink of the arts'. With sociological, scientific and culinary discussions about the drink, this book is the perfect addition to anyone's library, whether they be absinthe fans already, or just curious. Further discussed is...

  • Prophesying Daughters

    University of Missouri Press. 2017. ISBN: 0826262996,9780826262998. 144 pages.

    In nineteenth-century America, many black women left their homes, their husbands, and their children to spread the Word of God. Descendants of slaves or former "slave girls" themselves, they traveled all over the country, even abroad, preaching to audiences composed of various races, denominations, sexes, and classes, offering their own interpretations of the Bible. When they were denied the pulpit because of their sex, they preached in tents, bush clearings, meeting halls, private homes, and...

  • Marketing Australian Travel and Tourism

    1996. 377 pages.

    This work describes marketing principles and techniques in the context of Australian travel and tourism. It provides a broad picture of how Australian organizations, large or small, plan and carry out their marketing operations. Designed for the 1990s, a time of rapid change brought about by technology, globalization, concerns about the sustainability of travel and tourism, and the profitablility of the businesses which service it, the book aims to recognize the breadth of the Australian...