Information about the Apple iCar confirmed.

For over a year, there are rumors that Apple is developing its own eco-friendly car that can compete with Tesla. The car will be finished similar with Tesla technology, but will be better in all respects, it said the anonymous Apple employee.

Developing electric iCar has been ongoing for several years and at the moment the project is ready for mass production by 80%. According to the latest information it is known that Apple is actively poaching employees from car companies to work, because the company understands the value of this field.

The car will drive on its own power setup. The electric car will be equipped with advanced technology, which will enable it to meet all modern requirements. The CarPlay technology will be deeply integrated in the car. The first public demonstration of the Apple iCar could take place this fall, but it is possible that the presentation of the car will be delayed until 2016.

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RT @ILCtsxv: #Lithium Line #iCar Here’s the vehicle #Apple’s using to test autonomous driving… 05/05/17,
RT @ILCtsxv: #Lithium The dogs #iCar Here’s the vehicle #Apple’s using to test autonomous driving… 05/05/17,
While an iCar may not be in all probability, Apple continues with plans to play a role in self-driving technology: 05/05/17,
RT @LiBenchmark: ‘#China’ the Meet of the #Lithium Universe. #Ganfeng #ILC #BYD #Apple #iCar #Tesla... by #kiril… 05/05/17,
RT @gigatexal: #armchairstocktips #apple should buy $NFLX and $TWTR and it could be done in bills. Then we'd get the iCar and Apple services… 05/04/17,
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