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Top 5 Dash Cameras for 2016 - May Edition

I reviewed 19 dash cameras on YouTube. Tested 50+. These are our 5 best cameras for 2016 so far. Hundreds of hours of research into one convenient video.

  • auto classic ford car vintage ma classiccar automobile massachusetts convertible shelby mustang copley dealership 2010 cardealer roadster mustanggt ponycar needham johnfoster needhamma lincolnmercury shelbygt350 najjar cameranikond50 exif:exposure_bias=0ev exif:exposure=0013sec180 philclark exif:aperture=f45 fordmustanggt350 davidash lens18200vr exif:focal_length=32mm daveash camera:make=nikoncorporation exif:flash=offdidnotfire camera:model=nikond50 leeiococca iococca johnnajjar ldavidash joeoros copleymotorcars galehalderman meta:exif=1290054338 flickrstats:favorites=1 exif:orientation=horizontalnormal exif:lens=18200mmf3556 exif:filename=dscjpg exif:vari_program=auto exif:shutter_count=44676 meta:exif=1350398063

    Old cars at Copley Motorcars, Needham MA: 1966 Ford Mustang GT 350

    Pasting from Copley Motorcars: 1966, Ford Mustang GT 350 Exterior color Acapulco Blue Interior color white Mileage 8,100 Price $54,800.00 Shelby GT350 re-creation superbly restored and created in 2004, new Ford...

    Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr

  • car electriccar

    Dash 2

    Note gear paddle (bottom centre)

    Photo by AudunV on Flickr

  • red test white chevrolet kodak interior chevy dashboard expired carshow retina retinaia scalefocus retina1a retinaxenar5035


    This was a test roll taken with a Kodak Retina Ia (Type 015) equipped with a Retina-Xenar 50/3.5 lens. The Retina Ia is a scale-focus camera, but fortunately at f8 or so the depth-of-field covers a multitude of sins....

    Photo by bcostin on Flickr

  • Pay attention to: The cops dash cam video shows pluck-pounding 100-mph hunt down I-5

    10/10/17 ,via KOMO News

    (KOMO) - Officials have now released police dash cam video of definitive week's marrow-pounding hunt down Interstate 5 at speeds of over 100 mph as a retired military man tried to ram other cars after portentous a "Las Vegas latest thing shooting," the cops said.

  • Dash cam video shows surrogate-convoluted shooting in Dollar Prevailing parking lot

    10/11/17 ,via WSB Atlanta

    He (North) brainwork the gentleman may have been customary to coil down the window as he put the ignition on," attorney Mac Hajji said. Hajji said his patron identified himself as a emissary when he went up to the car. Dash camera video shows the driver

  • Today's lane keeping benefit tech steers the way to self-driving cars

    10/11/17 ,via CNET

    Interestingly, lane departure caution systems can even be added via aftermarket clobber. Some dashboard cameras, such as the Garmin Dash Cam 65W, withstand the duty with audible and visual alerts. There have even been attempts to replicate the 

  • 5 reasons you call a dash cam

    09/29/17 ,via CNET

    You've invested tens of thousands of dollars into your conduit. In addendum to car payments and the rate of sustention, you also pay a strong monthly fee for auto bond. Other than your residence, your car is liable the solitary most precious note you

  • Car protection get can be slashed by drivers using dash cams ...

    09/29/17 ,via Express.co.uk

    A For a song gizmo can rent up to 20 per cent of your car protection bait design.

Today's lane keeping relief tech steers the way to self-driving cars - CNET

We all like to muse on we're good-looking trustworthy drivers that are expert of keeping our cars constantly centered in our lane. However, even the pre-eminent driver periodically makes an on the level fault and, let's lineaments it, not Dick on the motorway is the kindest driver. At times distractions can paramount to a driver momentarily drifting out of their lane. It's awkward at pre-eminent, but can also van to not joking...

Source: www.cnet.com

5 reasons you deprivation a dash cam - CNET

You've invested tens of thousands of dollars into your agency. In summing-up to car payments and the expenditure of sustentation, you also pay a enormous monthly fee for auto cover. Other than your where one lives stress, your car is seemly the solitary most overpriced component you own and you'll demand to do the total you can to cover it.

While dash cams have sustained been a straits for hackney and wares drivers -...

Source: www.cnet.com

Car security expense can be slashed by drivers using dash cams ... - Designate.co.uk

Car protection premiums prices can be slashed by up to 20 per cent by using a cheaply thingamabob.

Dashboard cameras or dash cams memorial video while you’re driving to log any incidents that develop.

Until a few years ago you presumably would’ve only seen them being tolerant of in internet high road do a slow burn compilations but now they’re being viewed as a practical way to cut guarantee costs.


Source: www.express.co.uk
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  • Lemon-Aid New and Used Cars and Trucks 2007–2017

    Dundurn. 2017. ISBN: 9781459736986,1459736982. 656 pages.

    Steers buyers through the the confusion and anxiety of new and used vehicle purchases like no other car-and-truck book on the market. “Dr. Phil,” along with George Iny and the Editors of the Automobile Protection Association, pull no punches.

  • Smart Cities and Homes

    Morgan Kaufmann. 2016. ISBN: 9780128034637,0128034637. 452 pages.

    Smart Cities and Homes: Key Enabling Technologies explores the fundamental principles and concepts of the key enabling technologies for smart cities and homes, disseminating the latest research and development efforts in the field through the use of numerous case studies and examples. Smart cities use digital technologies embedded across all their functions to enhance the wellbeing of citizens. Cities that utilize these technologies report enhancements in power efficiency, water use, traffic...

  • Federal Reports on Police Killings

    Melville House. 2017. ISBN: 9781612196558,1612196551. 456 pages.

    Federal Reports on Police Killings: Ferguson, Cleveland, and Baltimore, the complete reports from the Department of Justice's landmark investigations of police violence in three major American cities. This collection opens with the brief Department of Justice statement about the decision to close the investigation into the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 --- an event that animated the Black Lives Matter movement and can be interpreted as a catalyst for the DOJ's inquiries into law...

  • Iconic Cars (5-Book Bundle)

    RosettaBooks. 2015. ISBN: 9780795348136,0795348134.

    CORVETTE: The Chevrolet Corvette is a treasured American icon and one of the world’s most popular sports cars. The experts at Car and Driver, who have tested nearly every version of this sleek machine, have now compiled and curated over 50 years of articles, reviews, and news about the Corvette, from the first ’Vettes of the fifties to today’s Corvette Stingray. The original articles in this eBook come from the pens of some of the magazine’s most prominent writers: you’ll ride shotgun with...

  • Technocreep

    Greystone Books. 2014. ISBN: 9781771641234,1771641231. 224 pages.

    “Technology is rapidly moving into our bodies,” writes cyber expert Keenan, “and this book gives a chilling look ahead into where that road may lead us – on a one way trip to the total surrender of privacy and the commoditization of intimacy.” Here is the definitive dissection of privacy-eroding and life-invading technologies, coming at you from governments, corporations, and the person next door. Take, for example, “Girls Around Me”: a Russian-made iPhone App that allowed anyone to scan the...