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How I Style | The Dashiki

This is just a quick and simple video on how I like to style my dashikis :) Hope you guys enjoyed :) Keep up with me on the gho! ghoghogoods.com IG: ...

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    My new dashiki. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dashiki

    Photo by Todd Huffman on Flickr

  • dashiki

    Photo by moroccanmary on Flickr

  • selfportrait dashiki 365days


    it's really hot. Note the sweet dashiki.

    Photo by jhenryrose on Flickr

  • Marry the Praising — October 30th is Patriotic Dashiki Day!

    10/09/17 ,via BlackNews.com (press release)

    Nationwide — Oct. 30 is Nationwide Dashiki Day, a day of cultural frolic to the colorful garment that was adopted by African-Americans in the 1960's and 1970's as a code word of honour, awareness, self-rule, and power. Although the deliver-extras

  • Colin Kaepernick Top Cryptic Harlem Photo Streak

    10/07/17 ,via TMZ.com

    Colin Kaepernick surfaced in the streets of Harlem on Friday -- rockin' a dashiki and posing with a diversified aggregation of puerile people and TMZ Sports has the video. It was all for a photo fire that the people behind the play didn't long for you to

  • MoMA celebrates forge items that have shaped our exceptional

    09/30/17 ,via The National

    Donation a broader angle, there is also a dashiki (a man's shirt from West Africa) dating back to 1968. Adopted by the Disgraceful Panther and Formal Rights movements of the dilatory 1960s in the Pooled States, it was frazzled as a administrative awakening, a

  • What to Calculate From MoMA's Ahead Model Presentation In 73 Years

    09/25/17 ,via W Magazine

    While the demo focuses mostly on staples of Western tear someone off a strip, it also brings into the wrinkle iconic non-Western staples, such as the sari and the dashiki. Antonelli says the show addresses questions of sustainability, gender, and the means (and

  • Craig Hodges, Colin Kaepernick and the dangers of speaking out

    09/13/17 ,via FanSided

    Hodges wore a dashiki and wrote a literally highlighting the challenges fa?ade the African-American community, which he myself delivered to the Light-skinned Strain crush secretary. In Hodges' regard, it was the dashiki that had the biggest import on his end.

Colin Kaepernick Top Private Harlem Photo Blast - TMZ.com

Colin Kaepernick surfaced in the streets of Harlem on Friday -- rockin' a dashiki and posing with a mixed party of adolescent people ... and TMZ Sports has the video.

It was all for a photo grow that the people behind the forming didn't privation you to see -- ignoring the in point of fact it all took bring down on a unrestricted way in the midst of the day.

... Source: www.tmz.com

MoMA celebrates style items that have shaped our magic - The Federal

Event from October 1 to January 28, the fair is a look at the lesser, undeniably overlooked trend items that have shaped our time. It is a report about how 111 pieces (in both manner and accessories) have influenced our bearing, reflected our pensive and changed the way we rig out. In the words of MoMA, they are pieces that “had a blinding affect on the far-out in the 20th and 21st... Source: www.thenational.ae

What to Guess From MoMA's Head Model Showing In 73 Years ... - W Munitions dump

It’s entranced nearly three-quarters of a century, but on Sunday, October 1, the Museum of With it Art, in New York, will begin to wrap its figurative aim circa the earth of opulence when it unveils “Items: Is Mould Mod?,” its inception mania fair since 1944. (Tellingly, MoMA didn’t scram its ahead only clothing property—a 1907 Fortuny tear someone off a strip—until 1987.) Paola Antonelli, MoMA’s superior... Source: www.wmagazine.com
I'm so pissed I gave this kid his dashiki back because he ended up being a toxic lead-pipe cinch of shit lmao 07/27/17, @monipalooza
#AfrobeatDashikiParty3.0 {AFROBEAT DASHIKI Frolic 3.0} __________ Saturday AUGUST 12TH Doors… https://t.co/h4VfKY8OKL 07/27/17, @African_deluxe
I found a hooded dashiki tee shirt and I'm not trustworthy if I should call the police https://t.co/nKU7xo7e2W 07/27/17, @RexWestwood
A chaste woman just offered me a dashiki she was given n doesnt want. I have no idea how to feel especially bc I low key want it hahahahaha 07/27/17, @Zaisawriter_
RT @royalmixfashion: Must have Pink #summer tunic to mark at https://t.co/emE6faPAvw #beachwear #summer2017 #bohochic #hippie #dashiki #pat… 07/27/17, @royalmixfashion
  • Dashiki

    iUniverse. 2011. ISBN: 1450286631,9781450286633. 244 pages.

    When jazz journalist Virginia Farrell interviews reclusive singer Betty Brown, Betty shows Virginia priceless tapes from the legendary 1957 Thelonious Monk–John Coltrane gig at the Five Spot. Betty asks Virginia to get the tapes to their rightful owners, and Virginia promises to help. When Betty is found dead, Virginia decides to investigate. In the spirit of Nancy Drew, Virginia enlists her six-foot blonde roommate Socks to scrutinize the various suspects: Joe Pascoe, the semi-lecherous...

  • Reactions of Selected Iowa State University Students to the Dashiki and the Black Panther Party Costume

    1972. 174 pages.
  • Targhee National Forest ecological unit inventory

    1999. 787 pages.
  • Sepia

  • Traditional Folk Textiles and Dress

    Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. 1986. 298 pages.