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Fuji 80mm 2.8 Macro, One of My Favorite Fuji Lenses - Hands on Review

UPDATE: A couple of additional helpful comments from other viewers: MegaWeitzel reminded me that the Zeiss Touit 50mm F2.8 is a macro with 1:1 ...

  • portrait hasselblad fujifilm 80mm 160c 清水高中 抱歉今天突然有點憤


    不要再肖想我女朋友的風箏了 還有也不準出現戴耳機的女生這種老梗 也不準出現像那部不準說的片的稻田 也不準拍走在鐵道的女生的背影 也不準在海邊拿白色的傘 還有說俏俏話你還有臉用嗎 你是陳正道啊 請想新的梗

    Photo by HaoJan on Flickr

  • rolleiflex taiwan fujifilm provia f28 小麥 planar 台中 impro 80mm 100f rdpiii 28e 大雅 攝團

    Photo by *嘟嘟嘟* on Flickr

  • mamiya 6 film color expiredfilm fujifilm 800 proz 80mm mediumformat usa


    Photo by im nothing in particular on Flickr

  • ocean sunset lighthouse 120 clouds evening waves hasselblad atlanticocean capbreton 501c planar80mm fujifilm400

    Lighthouse Capbreton

    Photo by Vsevolod Vlasenko on Flickr

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