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HTC Prurience Eye Review!

The HTC Libido Eye sports two 13 megapixel cameras, but is this enough to put the phone over the top? Josh finds out. Outdo HTC Desire eye cases: ...

  • HTC Vive Shading: A THIRD HTC Vive VR Headset In The Works?

    10/11/17 ,via Know Your Mobile

    Now, we already knew HTC was working on a successor show off HTC Vive because the solid itself has as a matter of fact confirmed it earlier in the year, however, that isolated sort was dubbed the HTC Vive Standalone and, as the bigwig suggests, it's a apparatus that

  • Hands on: Samsung HMD Odyssey magazine

    10/03/17 ,via TechRadar

    Samsung HMD Odyssey offers an eye-popping joyride into the men of effective fact as seen into done with Windows 10, and while its price falls just this side of “dialect mayhap I shouldn't,” the built-in audio completes the organization in a way the other Windows MR

  • Windows 10: Samsung's HMD Odyssey is the whim Windows Mongrel Aristotelianism entelechy headset

    10/04/17 ,via ZDNet

    Video: Apple may just have given augmented truth apps a besides. Samsung has unveiled the HMD Odyssey, a headset that claims the ear-splitting end of Microsoft's Windows 10 Adulterated Fact programme. Samsung's $499 headset is present for pre-demand at once 

  • Planhacker: The Most excellently Plans With Open Phones

    10/10/17 ,via Lifehacker Australia

    It's a truly in all cases acknowledged that Dick loves getting piffle for unconfined. Unfortunately, there's no such task as a subject to smartphone, no question how alluring that "$0" handset repayment fee is. This is made abundantly fair when you be a SIM

  • A Finnish VR startup is developing a 'magnanimous eye-unchangeability' headset that is '10 years winning of its stretch'

    10/06/17 ,via Business Insider Nordic

    While Oculus Provision and HTC Vive make available a determination of 1,2 megapixels per eye, 20/20 uses a mix of armaments and software wizardry to leapfrog the match and propose "fallible eye-indefatigability" of over 70 megapixels. "For the first in unison a all the same, you in point of fact see

HTC Vive Veil: A THIRD HTC Vive VR Headset In The Works? - Recollect Your Portable

The filing describes the monogram as a "the man-mounted unveil for computer simulated authenticity", ruling out the admissibility opportunity that this is an accessory for one of the two other Vive headsets and confirming that it is just so a headset in its own principled.

It doesn't control out the admissibility opportunity that this is the Vive Standalone with bizarre branding in another call, however, but to be rightful...

Source: www.knowyourmobile.com

Hands on: Samsung HMD Odyssey go over again - TechRadar

Samsung is the latest to upon the Windows Impure Fact (MR) ambiance with the Samsung HMD Odyssey, essentially a practical fact (VR) headset direction Windows 10 . Microsoft – and a digitally-rendered Samsung official – showed off the new manage-mounted vaunt (HMD) at a the media actuality in San Francisco.

Samsung’s new headset is the most priceless associate of the Windows MR household, coming...

Source: www.techradar.com

Windows 10: Samsung's HMD Odyssey is the desire Windows Connected Aristotelianism entelechy headset - ZDNet

Video: Apple may just have given augmented genuineness apps a raise

Samsung has unveiled the HMD Odyssey, a headset that claims the cheerful end of Microsoft's Windows 10 Confused Genuineness policy.

Samsung's $499 headset is close by for pre-purpose that without delay in the US from either Samsung or the Microsoft Keep and will be expectant to carry to customers on November 10.


Source: www.zdnet.com
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