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    01.03.14 (Creative 365 Project)

    facebook.com/michmutters --- “A grief without a pang, void, dark and drear, A drowsy, stifled, unimpassioned grief, Which finds no natural outlet or relief, In word, or sigh, or tear.” ― Samuel Taylor Coleridge ....

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    Crabtree Nature Preserve—Sony RX1

    thegoldensieve.com A good thing continues Some six months ago, I posted almost 100 images and a few thoughts I felt were missing from the many existing RX1 reviews. The outpouring of support and interest in that...

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    Using my friend Roy's photo for reference with much appreciation! See original here www.flickr.com/photos/evergreen2005/15004812819/ iPad-Br/iC

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  • What To Do After You Hole Your iPad s

    10/05/17 ,via

    There you are, looking in distaste at your ruined iPad with a cracked examine. After you get because of the tears and recriminations, we're here to assistance you get your 

  • How to reset iPhone or iPad

    10/11/17 ,via

    Whether you're selling your iPhone or engaging it for repair you should reset it to off your accounts - including your Apple ID, Facebook, ebay, email and other accounts - and purge all your tranquillity including apps, photos and music. Here's how to

  • Apple: iPhones Are Too 'Complex' to Let You Fix Them

    09/22/17 ,via

    Apple Stores and authorized navy centers also can't do micro soldering, which divers third hop shops can do and is demanded to fix prevalent iPhone 6 "speak murrain" defects or to fix an iPad's backlight, sum total tons other hidden maladies that can

  • How To Fix Lag In iOS 11

    09/20/17 ,via

    This may seem eye-rollingly elementary, but again all a misbehaving iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch needs is a hard-headed reboot to entire out the instrument's stash. Do this oldest before you try anything else. Stand firm the power button, creep the Power Off slider to the

  • Leading-merit automotive center brings services to The Woodlands

    10/11/17 ,via

    THE WOODLANDS – The Houston-based automotive repair and persistence services assemblage, Aid Basic Automotive Centers, opens its fourth usefulness center laying, The Woodlands West, located at 6102 FM 1488 Course, mounting the podium for time to come Located

What To Do After You Breach Your iPad - Notebook Reviews - Notebook Look at

Not an Selection: Repair It Yourself

A bit of Googling will circuit up companies that will dispose of you the parts and tools you for to repair your own iPad. We move you to not go this direction. Apple designs its devices to be wonderful-unctuous at the expense of making repairs hellishly challenging.

But don’t just clasp our conference for it. iFixit is one of those companies that sells...

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How to reset iPhone or iPad - Tech Advisor

Whether you're selling your iPhone or entrancing it for repair you should reset it to cancel your accounts - including your Apple ID, Facebook, ebay, email and other accounts - and expunge all your load including apps, photos and music. Here's how to reset an iPhone, iPad and iPod spark off to mill settings. See also: How to set any flap as your iPhone ringtone

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Apple: iPhones Are Too 'Complex' to Let You Fix Them - Motherboard en_us

Apple's top environmental peace officer made the following's most national statements about its posture on the repairability of Apple arms Tuesday at TechCrunch Into in San Francisco. The comrades's note is that less than repairability, the train designs its products for "durability." If a repair is needed, it should be "get-at-able," but only at an Apple-authorized repair department store, which...

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I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/N2dR2mu1Qe iPad Air cracked qualify repair 07/12/17,
  • How to Repair iPhone, iPad, and iPod: Quick and Easy Guide

    Conceptual Kings. 2015. 20 pages.

    You probably depend on your electronic devices a great deal in your everyday life. They keep you connected and entertained. So what happens when one of them is broken? Relax. This book provides practical information that will allow almost anyone to make repairs on an iPhone, iPad or iPod. You will need to be patient and careful, but it can be done.

  • The Unauthorized Guide to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Repair

    Que Publishing. 2013. ISBN: 9780133380897,0133380890. 304 pages.

    DON’T JUNK IT, FIX IT--AND SAVE A FORTUNE! The only reference & tutorial of its kind--in full color! Fix your own iPhone, iPad, or iPod with secret repair knowledge Apple doesn’t want you to have! This groundbreaking, full-color book shows you how to resurrect expensive Apple mobile iDevices you thought were dead for good, and save a fortune. Apple Certified Repair Technician Timothy L. Warner demystifies everything about iDevice repair, presenting simple, step-by-step procedures and hundreds...

  • iPad: The Missing Manual

    "O'Reilly Media, Inc.". 2013. ISBN: 9781449341770,1449341772. 400 pages.

    Super-fast processors, streamlined Internet access, and free productivity and entertainment apps make Apple’s new iPads the hottest tablets around. But to get the most from them, you need an owner’s manual up to the task. That’s where this bestselling guide comes in. You’ll quickly learn how to import, create, and play back media; shop wirelessly; sync content across devices; keep in touch over the Internet; and even take care of business. The important stuff you need to know: Take tap...

  • Taking Your iPad 2 to the Max

    Apress. 2011. ISBN: 9781430235408,1430235403. 504 pages.

    iPad 2: It looks different. It acts different. It connects to the world, yet it is as personal as a well-worn book. And now it has two cameras! Taking Your iPad 2 to the Max is written so that anyone can quickly get up to speed on Apple’s latest hit. As bloggers at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW.com), the authors have the happy privilege of working with Apple products every day, and they'll guide you through all of the perks of being an iPad 2 owner. This book takes you from selecting and...

  • How to Start a Home-based Computer Repair Business

    Rowman & Littlefield. 2013. ISBN: 9781493001682,149300168X. 192 pages.

    Business News Daily sees a new segment emerging in this field. The new trend is tablet repair. They rank this in their top home-based ideas for 2012. Also worth noting is that “Computer Maintenance” topped their list of new home-based jobs on the rise and this covers anti-virus software installation and desktop cleanups. A very large segment of business that will be covered in this book on how to start a home-based computer repair business and will also include cell phones which will give the...