The company's specialists have created Mo coll protective glass Mocoll Tempered Glass Full Cover. This accessory should be an integral part of such smartphones as the iPhone 7, as the replacement display cost can be comparable to half the price of the smartphone itself.

Even the most careful use of a smartphone is not a guarantee of eliminating the influence of external factors. Part of this solves the problem of the protective glass. The advantages of this accessory mass. First and foremost it should be noted that the basis of the accessory taken not just glass, and tempered. As you know, it is not only easily resists the impact of external factors, but is also able to withstand blows. All damage falls on it, and the display of the smartphone remains intact, eliminating the forced necessity of its replacement or even buying a new smartphone.

With high quality oleo phobic coating the glass collects fingerprints. It also does not interfere with proper operation of the sensors the sensitivity of the response of the smartphone display. The Latest saves instantly react to user actions.

By the way, under the protection glass is not just the display itself, and the whole front part of the iPhone. Window frame is made in the appropriate color, so when it is selected should be guided in what color made the front part of the smartphone.

Apple iPhone 7 full coverage tempered glass

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Olixar iPhone 7 Irritable to Edge Glass Screen Protector Installation Guide & Review

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