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In smartphones Apple has always been a strong camera, focusing all their strength on the lens and sensor quality, and even rivals have increased their megapixels in cameras. This year for the first time in many years, the iPhone has been playing with numbers, now in its camera 12 megapixels, compared to eight in the previous models. In truth, the distinctions are not very visible, especially if you view, edit and send them through your phone. Below you can see some photos taken on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Different not seen some professionals say they are.

iPhone 6s Plus a big, beautiful phone with very good features. This is the perfect two-handed device that is great for gaming, and communication in the network, and its performance is nothing to compare. But still the size of a standard iPhone 6S with a more compact screen size makes it the best device for most users.

iPhone 6 Plus from Apple at the moment, super fast smartphone in the market. The 3D-sensor is a truly innovative feature, and enhancements to the camera will give you incredibly high quality images. In General, this is another great iPhone from Apple. But if you have an iPhone 6 Plus, spending money on new is not worth it, because this is a very serious investment.

IPhone 6s

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Apple iPhone 6S: обзор смартфона (4k)

Цена и наличие: http://rozetka.com.ua/apple_iphone_6s_16gb_rose_gold/p4698911/ Видеообзор Apple iPhone 6S Смотреть обзоры других смартфонов:...

  • iphone6splus dike scooter bw shotoniphone

    Grandpa's Scooter

    A grandfather went on the scooter of his grandson on top of a dike

    Photo by Andreas Koppe on Flickr

  • iphone6splus blackandwhite bw beach island sylt shootoniphone


    Beach at Sylt Island in foggy weather conditions

    Photo by Andreas Koppe on Flickr

  • iphone6s beach besantnagar sunrise

    The new sunrise

    This is the beginning of self-realization. Today is the day!

    Photo by Narenv on Flickr

  • The Elago M4 Champion Transforms an iPhone 7, 6s or 6 Into the Original Macintosh

    04/20/17 ,via

    After introducing a fun Apple Note charging stand earlier this year that can turn the wearable device into a short version of the original Macintosh, the company has unveiled a great version for the iPhone. The Elago M4 Be will turn an iPhone 7

  • Apple pledges to fill out products like the iPhone from only recycled material and end mining

    04/20/17 ,via

    For case, it melted down the aluminum enclosures on the iPhone 6 to make Mac mini computers to use in its factories and it said that it is persuasive to 100 percent recycled tin solder on the main logic board of iPhone 6s. It has focused on a unlike

  • Detail: Apple is planning a major iPhone overhaul for the fall

    04/18/17 ,via

    A three-iPhone scenario would be a major departure from the two-phone strategy that has served Apple so well since the iPhone 6 and 6 Benefit came out in late 2014. Those phones sold so well throughout 2015 that iPhone sales literally fell year-over-year

  • An NYU schoolgirl spent 6 weeks working undercover in an iPhone factory

    04/11/17 ,via

    A schoolchild at NYU spent six weeks working undercover in one of Pegatron's factories manufacturing the iPhone before present public with his experience. Dejian Zeng recently told his tale to Function Insider, which has an extensive piece on what it was

  • This man built his own iPhone 6s from not spoken for parts

    04/18/17 ,via

    The foremost is that it's entirely possible to build your own working iPhone from parts obtained via Chinese marketplaces. The subsequent is that it's not something you really want to put yourself through, given the whole project took Allen over five months

#iPhone 6/6S #Occurrence, iDefender Armor for iPhone (4.7″) #Screen #Protector/ Compatible with all #US #Carriers Bright https://t.co/9RMCBgfjiX 04/21/17,
@bingocat1994 @16bitGeorge Yeah Apple’s extremely going downhill. I still use an iPhone 6s. 04/21/17,
  • Teach Yourself VISUALLY IPhone 6s

    John Wiley & Sons. 2015. ISBN: 9781119173717,111917371X. 320 pages.

    More than 500 color illustrations, combined with easy-to-follow explanations, get you up and running by clearly showing you how to access and download books, apps, music, and video, as well as send photos, sync with your other Apple devices, edit movies on your phone, and effectively use the current OS.

  • iPhone 6s Portable Genius

    John Wiley & Sons. 2015. ISBN: 9781119174486,1119174481. 352 pages.

    Take a bite out of all your iPhone has to offer As easy and intuitive as the iPhone is, it's more complex than most of us realize—and what's better than learning all the insider tips and tricks with the iPhone Portable Genius, 3rd Edition? Whether you're just starting out with your first iPhone or upgrading to a newer model, this full-color guide will have you tapping, swiping, and typing like an Apple genius in no time. You'll find essential information about iOS, Siri, iCloud, and how to...

  • A Newbies Guide to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

    Minute Help Press. 2015. 150 pages.

    This guide is designed for novices and advanced iPhone/iOS users alike. The tips and instructions here are tailored to the iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S Plus and iOS 9, but you’ll find plenty of relevant information for older iPhone models and older versions of the software. Just be aware that iPhone 6S and iOS 9 have introduced quite a few new features that may not be available on older iPhones! We’ve broken things down into six major parts. Part 1: Meet Your iPhone will help you unpack the box,...

  • IPhone 6

    2015. ISBN: 1517191416,9781517191412. 32 pages.

    "iPhone 6The Ultimate iPhone 6 User Manual - Discover How To Use iPhone 6, Easy User Manual, Plus Advanced Tips And Tricks And New iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus Features!Do you need some help with your iPhone 6? The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ are two of the most powerful smartphones in the world. Many people would argue that they are the absolute best devices available anywhere.They also bring along a lot of new features, which you have probably never encountered before. This includes things like...

  • iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S In 30 Minutes

    i30 Media. 2015. ISBN: 9781939924506,1939924502. 102 pages.

    In 30 minutes, learn how to unlock the secrets of your iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, or iPhone 6/6S Plus. Whether you own an iPhone or are thinking about buying one, this guide will help you get the most out of the device and its powerful hardware, the iOS operating system, and the ever-expanding universe of iPhone apps. Written in plain English with a touch of humor and lots of screenshots, this guide covers basic features as well as hidden tricks and time-savers. Topics include: * Setting up your...

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