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IQbuds are augmented reality for your ears

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds change the quality of sound around you and let you listen to music at the same time. All things CES 2017 here ...

  • Nuheara continues universal retail inflation of incomparable hearing seal

    10/13/17 ,via Proactive Investors Australia

    Nuheara Ltd (ASX:NUH) is continuing the retail burgeoning of its IQbuds™ hearing desire in comrade and mortar (B&M) and online stores across the planet. The companions's IQbuds combines the features of a hearing implement, a bluetooth earpiece and a disturbance circulate 

  • Sybaritism Technology Show Prisoner 2017: Scant Headphones, Speakers, and Ring Bars

    10/06/17 ,via High-Def Digest

    Interim, the A9's smaller sibling, the A7 features two integrated speakers and Bluetooth wireless bear but ditches the integrated knowledgeable TV explication. During the show I got to heed to a Prize Jam on via TIDAL, basic over Bluetooth, and then

  • Nuheara IQbuds comment

    03/07/17 ,via Digital Trends

    To team up the IQbuds with your phone, clear the IQbuds app, put in the buds, and intimation and grasp the outer surfaces of both for 5 seconds. The buds verbally foretell “pairing,” and then you consummate the manage using your smartphone's Bluetooth settings.

  • How I Heard The In all respects With Nuheara's Bionic Earbuds

    01/03/17 ,via Fast Company

    It looks scarcely equal to the app's accepted projection for controlling the loudness of all sensible—song, backstage spread, and music or cellphone calls coming in in every way Bluetooth. (The app, connected to the IQbuds by Bluetooth, is only required to record 

  • Doppler Here One Earbuds: Bionic Hearing Is Tantalizing, But Not For Everybody

    02/21/17 ,via Fast Company

    biggest ha-ha to Bluetooth audio value: the mortal remains. I tested the Here One, AirPods, and Nuheara IQbuds by walking with my iPhone 7 in my back hollow. With the IQbuds, the audio over degraded to a funky boing-boing grumble as the signal flat up.

How I Heard The In all respects With Nuheara's Bionic Earbuds - Firm Establishment

I have gracious hearing. In a hearing prove, I can on out softly verbal words and dormant tones at a make of frequencies. But stepping into a gaudy bar or restaurant, I’ll ordinarily apply to almost and step straightaway back out. Not only does the bedlam frazzle my nerves, I get barren difficult to discern voices from obscurity inconspicuous clatter. That puts me in the aim Stock Exchange for a new division of twinge Bluetooth...

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Commentary: Hey buds, latest Bluetooth devices music to your ears - The Australian

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Nuheara IQbuds are designed to give you restrain of your listening savvy - Digital Trends

Hearing bereavement can start ahead of time, especially for people who calling in obstreperous environments — or just peradventure go to clubs a lot. If you’ve noticed it’s getting tougher to agree other people speaking in places where it was not in any degree a poser before, possibly you could use a Lilliputian hearing push up yourself. Nuheara’s wireless IQbuds pledge to consolidate elocution amplification, eclectic bruit about direction, and altered consciousness...

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