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Released the first MacBook , it was a truly unique device, which competitors for a long time could not oppose anything. And do not want, in General. Few believed at the time to succeed in the air: the rejection of a large number of interfaces, removable battery and standard solutions laptops in favor of improve the portability was a very bold step, which could not be solved by other market players. Time has shown that the direction was correct. Today typical symptoms of a MacBook air taken as the basis for a new class of portable computer is ultrabook which is slowly but surely evolve and get the recognition of users ' Windows computers.

Review of MacBook air 13" model 2012

And what about Apple? In 2012, the manufacturer has released the fifth generation of MacBook air . In the history of this line, it will be the least amount of innovation. Design, size, construction has been minimal, almost imperceptible changes and improvements in the functionality and performance associated only with the replacement of the hardware platform is more modern.


Ultrabook MacBook air in 2012, still available in two versions — with a screen diagonal of 11.6" (model A1465) and 13.3" (A1466), each available in two standard configurations with different capacity. Traditionally, the user can enjoy a more powerful configuration on the website of the manufacturer (processor, memory, storage), but this option is not available in all countries. As a MacBook air, built on a hardware platform and uses Intel low-voltage Processor Core of the third generation with a maximum dissipation of 17 watts. A discrete graphics card in them is not provided, standard battery capacity and cannot be enlarged, the type and the screen resolution is unchanged, the color options and designs offered.

In the review we will consider 13.3" MacBook air in a younger configuration: Core i5 Processor from the midline, 4 GB RAM, proprietary (i.e., nonstandard) solid state drive capacity of 128 GB. Most ultrabooks will have similar components, except that in many models is the SSD set classic Winchester — more complete, but less reliable and responsive.

MacBook Air

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  • unboxing macbookair

    MacBook Air unboxing

    Worst unboxing photos ever

    Photo by GlennFleishman on Flickr

  • unboxing macbookair

    MacBook Air unboxing

    Worst unboxing photos ever

    Photo by GlennFleishman on Flickr

  • apple mac air setup macbook

    MacBook Air Station

    MacBook Air setup for my recent video on Adobe CS6 MacBook Stand: MacBook Case:...

    Photo by MattsMacintosh on Flickr

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