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Charger not the issue.

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    Macbook- Must Credit to my site: '' not to Flickr. Copy Link Address: Sole Treadmill

    Photo by Sole Treadmill on Flickr

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    Macbook- Must Credit to my site: '' not to Flickr. Copy Link Address: Sole Treadmill

    Photo by Sole Treadmill on Flickr

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    Macbook- Must Credit to my site: '' not to Flickr. Copy Link Address: Sole Treadmill

    Photo by Sole Treadmill on Flickr

  • Appraisal: Apple needs to cover a immoral charging power adapter with the iPhone

    10/06/17 ,via 9to5Mac

    Apple's 'trounce not beforehand' epistemology over serves the business closely, although it can oftentimes purloin Apple fans antsy for new features. But not only is Apple tardily to the adventurous with now definitive features like quick charging, but in my judgement, it is also giving

  • Inside iPhone 8: new 29 watt Tied Charging like iPad Pro, using USB-PD

    09/22/17 ,via AppleInsider (press release) (blog)

    Along the same lines, if you use a pattern Lightning wire with a USB-C to USB-A adapter, even Apple's 29 watt charger will only in elementary (non-PD) 12 watt charging (5.2 volts at 2.4 amps). This is not a connivance; the cables implicated must all be 

  • iPhone 8 and 8 Together with consider: the dereliction chance

    09/19/17 ,via The Verge

    While the 8 and 8 Additional pay out a processor, wireless charging potential, and alike resemble camera setups to the X, they inadequacy any sincerely new ideas about what an iPhone is — they're both very much much just the next move along a way Apple's been on for a certain extent some

  • Apple iOS 11 Starts Causing Problems

    09/24/17 ,via Forbes

    iOS 11 is wall-to-wall well-shaped of features (including diverse mysterious ones), but following reports of several bugs my Upgrade Enchiridion advised iPhone users in discriminating should keep back off updating. This now looks a diplomatic submit because iOS 11 is causing problems…

  • Apple Confirms Reports of iPhone 8s Splitting Get under way While Charging

    10/02/17 ,via ExtremeTech

    Apple is already investigating the place and has received the Taiwanese gimmick for examination, according to the description. Some sites have described this as an increase, but that's not actually the impound reconcile for what's occurrence here. “Boom

Battery of macbook pro 13' is not charging and 07/08/17, @yesewbelaymina1
Precoffee me: Obstruct into outlet, macbook not charging. Later, to 2%, plug into diff outlet. Still not working. Ah, must mention to macbook. 07/07/17, @BetaMomma
@AppleSupport My 2 month old MacBook air is not charging. Is the charger covered under agreement? 07/06/17, @bish_ray
Least annoying, again my 2016 MacBook Pro battery is not charging, despite being on AC, it's even discharging, also after SMC reset. #Apple 07/06/17, @eMilty
MacBook Pro not charging :( 07/06/17, @mayurjango
  • How to Do Everything MacBook

    McGraw Hill Professional. 2010. ISBN: 9780071742542,0071742549. 352 pages.

    Easy-to-follow coverage of portable Macs, including the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air How to Do Everything: MacBook strongly emphasizes the portability and other unique features of the laptop versions of the Mac, examining ports and jacks, discussing user accounts and privacy, managing multiple network connections, using MobileMe to stay synched, etc. It also explores the activities laptop users most often perform, such as productivity, entertainment, and communication. Tasks and...

  • Take Control of iPad Basics

    TidBITS. 2017. ISBN: 9781615420513,1615420517. 150 pages.

    Whether you've already used an iPad or you're starting from a blank slate, Take Control editor-in-chief Tonya Engst helps you patch the blank spots in your basic iPad know-how. She walks those who haven't yet made the leap through deciding which iPad and accessories to buy, after which she helps you understand the iPad's buttons and ports, learn multi-touch gestures, download apps, sync data and media, find your stuff, and avoid newbie mistakes. The ebook wraps up with a discussion of how to...

  • Take Control of Troubleshooting Your Mac

    TidBITS. 2017. ISBN: 9781933671291,1933671297. 90 pages.

    Learn how to solve any Mac problem with Joe Kissell's expert advice! We may love our Macs, but they can still suffer significant problems. In this essential guide from best-selling author Joe Kissell, you'll learn 17 basic troubleshooting procedures and how to solve 9 common problems, along with an easy-to-follow way to troubleshoot novel problems. Whether your Mac won't turn on, experiences kernel panics repeatedly, or is glacially slow, this book has the calm, friendly advice you need to...

  • The BBook of Geek

    Kensington Publishing Corp.. 2008. ISBN: 9780806535760,0806535768. 288 pages.

    The Only Geek Humor Book You'll Ever Need Your first love was a Commodore 64. You are fluent in Elvish. Your perfect weekend involves World of Warcraft, Half-Life, and multiple viewings of Office Space. You've already booked your trip to next year's Comic-Con. You are a geek, and this is the book for you. Part reference, part satire, this hilarious guide from the genius behind simultaneously pokes fun at and celebrates every subject close to a geek's heart--from The Matrix to...

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