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The MacBook Pro is usually purchased not for entertainment, but for work, however, if you are looking for a really good laptop and willing to pay appropriate money, then refrain from long walks to the shops in search of his ideal. Impeccable laptop exists, and his name - the new MacBook Pro 13, 2016, with touch bar.

Laptops MacBook Pro have a stylish appearance and have a chance to appeal to people of all ages and vital interests. Rugged uni body is made from a practical and aesthetic aluminum, has an original design and form. The MacBook Pro can easily be given individual features, because his metal body ideal for application of skillful engraving or original image, made in the technique of airbrushing.

Weak graphics performance. With every significant OS update, where Apple hard "improves" the appearance of the system, this deficiency is manifested more and more. In addition, a significant lack of graphics performance I felt after buying an external FullHD monitor. The graphics core in the face of Intel HD Graphics 4000 even in a simple heated up to 70-80 degrees, then really there to talk about photo processing or, worse, editing the video. To live with this is possible, but difficult. Performance-CPU Core i5-3210M no complaints and today.

Love Apple to sell adapters. Let me remind you that to models with Retina-display port to HDMI MacBook Pro was missing, and the role of the interface for connecting external screens were combined with the Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt. Constantly hang with the adapter is awkward, but to find a good had to try three pieces.

Display. If viewing angles is still possible to live (they are for TN matrix is very good), briquemont and resolution to date, all bad. They say that in the models with Retina display in this respect, all the better.

About the pros not going to grovel, a lot of them and after about the fifth you are likely to close the article and stop reading further if at all up to this point have read. MacBook Pro is a really cool series tools, which I do not intend to refuse in the near future.

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The new MacBook Pro — Design, Performance and Features — Apple

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    Macbook Pro

    Macbook Pro

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    MacBook Pro

    MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz, 13 in, 2010 Model

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    MacBook Pro

    It's the new MacBook Pro! OMGZ!

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