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How to use gestures on your Mac Trackpad — Apple Support

This is a guide on how to use the Multi-Touch gesture on your Mac's trackpad so you can harness these powerful shortcuts. To learn more about this topic visit ...

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    MacBook trackpad

    2 finger scroll rulez

    Photo by jeffturner on Flickr

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    MacBook Trackpad

    The pictures don't really do it justice. There's a gap at the top of my trackpad which makes it really annoying to two finger scroll, but Apple claims this is "under spec" :/.

    Photo by Laurence Anderson on Flickr

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    Ele. OBRIGADO PELA VISITA! Por favor, comente a foto. E se gostou, adicione aos seus favoritos no Flickr. (Inscreva-se gratuitamente no Flickr para poder comentar.) THANKS FOR THE VISIT! Please, comment the photo....

    Photo by ThiagoMartins on Flickr

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    fixing horrible macbook trackpad


    Photo by Liz Henry on Flickr

I once watched the Peterhouse tailor fix the trackpad on a macbook...he's on a different level 03/21/19, @Will_I_Are
Also I’d like to point out I made this entirely on my heckin small trackpad on my MacBook Air in class today. (so… 03/21/19, @DaniGeorge_
This trackpad will be the end of me... Not to mention the noise level of the keyboard. How can such a major compan… 03/21/19, @mgem_1
Lo and behold, it worked! So yeah, I just found out last night that my laptop's trackpad works the same as an MacBo… 03/21/19, @gniminiemyniemo
No one told me that the trackpad on a Macbook scrolls the opposite way than on a Chromebook LOL That's going to tak… 03/21/19, @Momma_Said_No
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