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Nikon's BEST Ultra Telephoto Prime lens - FIELD TESTED

In terms of maximum aperture to focal length - nothing beats the 600mm f4. It's longer than a 400mm + TC, and faster than the 800mm. And this new FL E variant ...

  • kingfisher nikond810 tamron150600mm naturethroughthelens

    Kingfisher (m)

    As today seemed like the only decent day of the week, I was allowed time off from decorating duties to get out and about. I spent a great couple of hours watching two male kingfishers chasing each other around trying...

    Photo by tsbl2000 on Flickr

  • ashdownforest dartfordwarbler nikond810 naturethroughthelens tamron150600mm

    Dartford Warbler

    Another one from yesterday's break in the weather.

    Photo by tsbl2000 on Flickr

  • goldfinch nikond810 tamron150600mm millerswood wwwjohnstantonphotographycouk


    Another of the woodland birds at Millers Wood from my photoshoot last week.

    Photo by tsbl2000 on Flickr

  • nikond810 tamron150600mm millerswood jay woodland birds wwwjohnstantonphotographycouk

    "This Stump Ain't Big Enough For The Both of Us..."

    Two jays having a face off at the Fabulous Millers Wood last week. See for details of this special place. More detail viewed large.

    Photo by tsbl2000 on Flickr

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