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The Worst Playstation Virtual Reality Accessory Stand - Collective Minds VR Showcase

Today we look at possibly one of the best accessory stands for the Playstation 4. If you have a VR set it is a no-brainer at 35$. Even if you don't own a VR set, the collective minds stand is...

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    Le nouveau casque VR de Sony (Salon Viva Technology, Paris)

    Un visiteur testant le PlayStation®VR sur le stand de Sony dans le salon Viva Technology à Paris Le PlayStation VR permet de jouer à des jeux vidéo dans un environnement à 360 degrés avec une audio 3D d’une grande...

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    Top 5 Christmas dingus gifts to get this holiday season

    via WordPress 4ho.me/2AoCUhc It’s that occasion again! The most wonderful time of the year. The season that brings families together in the essence of giving and joy. Depending on how good you are with picking presents,...

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    Sony Stand - Resident Harm 7 VR-Demo

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    01/15/18 ,via

  • How absurd should your PlayStation Camera be for VR?

    01/12/18 ,via Android Central

    For simplify and peace of mind, purchase a mic stand. (Link below.) If there is room to set up the mic stand behind your TV so that it is centered in your think about area, this is highly suggested. If not, there is not too much worry for it being slightly off

  • Effective reality's best experiences and biggest (teleportation) steps in ...

    12/27/17 ,via Ars Technica

    Who made VR's wealthiest stuff in 2017—and why wasn't it Valve or Oculus? Plus, 2018 predictions.

  • A Teach to Setting up Your PlayStation VR – Accessories – VRFocus

    01/01/18 ,via VRFocus

    has covered all the pipeline points when it comes to diving into the world of virtual reality (VR) on PlayStation VR – also important is living/cleaning – yet why stop there. You've got a decent VR setup with which to enjoy hours of immersive

  • The possibility of virtual reality marketing

    01/11/18 ,via Cyprus Mail

    We are aeons ago again on the cusp of the widespread adoption of a revolutionary technology. Virtual reality, both as a stand-solo attraction such as the hotly anticipated “Void” virtual theme park, or at-accommodations platforms like the HTC Vive or PlayStation VR

How absurd should your PlayStation Camera be for VR? - Android Central

Can you advance your tracking for the PlayStation VR by simply re-arranging the way your Eye Camera is set up?

Reddit user Tomathy101 battled the dream of finding better tracking for the PlayStation Eye Camera by changing the height in which it was set up. He argues that, as a man who is over 6 feet big, that his tracking has improved since he has raised his camera well above his...

Source: www.androidcentral.com

Why 2018 Will Be The Year Of VR 2.0 - Wildly Company

In 2018, that high-powered will change with the release of several standalone VR systems. Get ready for VR 2.0–an evolution that could employees the technology fulfill some analysts’ predictions of it becoming a $38 billion toil by 2026 .

Although the concept of virtual reality has been around for decades, and Google kickstarted the brand-new consumer VR era with the launch of the Cardboard...

Source: www.fastcompany.com

Sony to Nearly Replicate the Total Number of PSVR Games by End of 2018 - Road to VR

Citing Japanese economic publication Nikkei , the report holds the 80 percent increase in games planned for 2018 is predominantly due to the fact that Sony has shipped over 2 million PSVR units worldwide since motor boat, making the platform ripe for further investment.

PSVR has a little under a tenth of the issue of non-VR games currently listed on PSN. However Sony says...

Source: www.roadtovr.com
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  • Essential Reality Filmmaking

    Taylor & Francis. 2017. ISBN: 9781315280394,1315280396. 180 pages.

    Effective Reality Filmmaking presents a comprehensive guide to the use of virtual reality in filmmaking, including account, documentary, live event production, and more. Written by Celine Tricart, a filmmaker and an crack in new technologies, the book provides a hands-on guide to creative filmmaking in this thrilling new medium, and includes coverage on how to make a film in VR from start to finish. Topics covered comprehend: The history of VR; VR cameras; Game engines and interactive VR; The...

  • Sensitive Gaming in Asia

    Springer. 2016. ISBN: 9789402408263,9402408266. 247 pages.

    This post analyzes mobile gaming in the Asian context and looks into a hitherto neglected blurred of inquiry – a localized mobile landscape, with particular reference to young Asians’ commitment with mobile gaming. This edition focuses not only on the remarkable success of local travelling games, but also on the significance of social milieu in the development of Asian mobile technologies and gaming good breeding. It analyzes the growth of the current mobile technologies and mobile gaming not as different...

  • Solving Stand-direct Planning Problems that Involve Multiple Criteria and a Single-tree Nurturing Model

    2018. ISBN: 9157660514,9789157660510. 26 pages.
  • Geeky Gamer: May Print run

    Cyko Games. 2016. 75 pages.

    We announce before you the first edition of a magazine of your interest. A magazine that contains a lot of fascinating as agreeable as enthralling stuffs, for people of all ages who takes keen interest in Gaming. It includes topics ranging from technology to gaming to upcoming Games for PCs, XBOX One and PS4. Latest games assess, Hardware related to games, must have apps and games, gaming gadgets and also like-mindedness 3d development. We, as a team, have developed this gaming magazine, to bring to your...

  • Egyptian Chronicles with a Euphony of Sacred and Egyptian Chronology and an Appendix on Babylonian Assyrian Antiquities

    1861. 428 pages.