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PlayStation VR worlds Periodical (PlayStation VR)

PlayStation VR worlds is a chrestomathy of experiences available on launch day but is it worth picking up? Here's our review. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 http://www.gam...

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    Toronto Tech Climax – St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts – Toronto, Ontario – Friday, October 28, 2016 – Photographed by Jason Hargrove/Mainstream

    ███████████████████████████████████ Variation in Tech Panel: Macy Kuang, Founder of MiaoMiao Games; Faye Stab, Senior Marketing Manager at UberEATS; Kem-Laurin Kramer, Product Motif Mananger at Autodesk; Sheena...

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    Top 5 Christmas thingummy gifts to get this holiday season

    via WordPress 4ho.me/2AoCUhc It’s that time again again! The most wonderful time of the year. The season that brings families together in the desire of giving and joy. Depending on how good you are with picking presents,...

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    PlayStation Camera y PS VR Worlds gratis al comprar PlayStation VR

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  • 【PSVRレビュー】初心者にもオススメ!VRゲーム集『PlayStation VR ...

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    2016年10月13日に発売されたPlayStation VR(プレイステーションVR・PSVR)のローンチタイトルとして登場した『PlayStation VR WORLDS』。本作は、VRならではの5つのコンテンツが収録された作品です。…

  • Games Inbox: Distinguish-player vs. multiplayer video games, Yakuza 6 anticipation, and the best VR games

    01/17/18 ,via Metro

    I was favourable to receive a PlayStation VR headset for Christmas, and was wondering what games you would recommend getting for it? Sony have a kind sale on VR games on PSN at the moment, with Superhot VR at £8.49, Thumper £6.49, Arizona Sunshine £15.69

  • Sony Has Announced a Inventory of the Most Downloaded PlayStation VR Games in 2017

    01/07/18 ,via Twinfinite

    There have been a count of great games released for the PlayStation VR in 2017 – it's first full year on the hawk. Sony have recently released a list of the most downloaded PSVR games in 2017 for both the U.S. and Europe. While there are a few 2017

  • As bona fide as it gets: VR headsets and their magical powers

    01/20/18 ,via The Sunday Guardian

    Sony PlaysStation VR comes with 3D Audio Technology which means that users will be clever to pinpoint sounds above, below, and all around you. PlayStation VR also includes VR headset, Processor item, PlayStation VR headset connection cable, HDMI cable

Worlds bump into: VR and AR in 2018 - Engadget - Engadget

Oculus, the attendance responsible for kickstarting the $2 billion virtual reality marketplace, knows effective reality is not the future. As its engineers pour millions of Facebook's dollars into the impaired generation of VR headsets, the company's head of research, Michael Abrash, is preparing for a give birth to where augmented reality dominates our everyday lives.

"No matter how good VR gets,...

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Spieler Profile: Brynley Gibson, Kuju - The Virtual Report (blog)

Brynley Gibson, Leadership of Studios at Kuju is one of 50 world-class VR, AR and MR speakers appearing at XR Connects London on the 22nd and 23rd January. To catch him speak in person, book your ticket now!

Q: What do you do?

A: I’m a creative and producer making games and experiences for immersive and habitual technologies. Kuju is a...

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At CES, Each Is Still Hunting for VR's Killer App | WIRED - WIRED

on his brazenly, Lenovo's Matt Bereda opened an unmarked white box and pulled out what appeared to be another smartphone-reliant accepted reality headset. It looked like a cleaner version of Samsung's Supplies VR , with a comfier strap and two large cameras dotting the shimmering black cope with, like a pair of blank, staring eyes. Except unlike all those transportable headsets and Google Cardboard look-a-likes,... Source: www.wired.com
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  • Opposite involved Reality and Gamification for Cultural Heritage

    Springer. 2017. ISBN: 9783319496078,3319496077. 594 pages.

    This bulk on virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and gamification for cultural heritage offers an insightful introduction to the theories, increase, recent applications and trends of the enabling technologies for mixed reality and gamified interaction in cultural tradition and creative industries in general. It has two main goals: serving as an introductory textbook to coach beginning and experienced researchers in the field of interactive digital cultural heritage, and oblation a novel...

  • Ten Things Video Games Can Give lessons in to Us

    Hachette UK. 2017. ISBN: 9781472137920,1472137922. 288 pages.

    WOULD YOU Quash ONE PERSON TO SAVE FIVE OTHERS? If you could upload all of your memories into a machine, would that appliance be you? Is it possible we're all already artificial intelligences, living inside a simulation? These deep plumb like questions from a philosophy class, but in fact they're from modern, popular video games. Unconcerned discussion often uses thought experiments to consider ideas that we can't assay in real life, and media like books, films, and games can cut d understand these thought...

  • Cyberpsychology

    Cambridge University Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781107102545,1107102545. 488 pages.

    This textbook provides a broad overview of the human-computer interface in clear, non-technical language, making it an example introduction for students of both psychology and computer science. Covering the past, offer, and future developments in technology and psychology, it combines cutting-edge erudite research with engaging illustrations and examples that show students how the material relates to their lives. Topics addressed categorize: human factors of input devices, and the...

  • Relaxation 2.0

    MIT Press. 2017. ISBN: 9780262035477,0262035472. 288 pages.

    Ramifications of the convergence of sports and digital technology, from athlete and witness experience to the role of media innovation at the Olympics.

  • Technology in Corporal Activity and Health Promotion

    Routledge. 2017. ISBN: 9781315526157,1315526158. 264 pages.

    As technology becomes an at all times more prevalent part of everyday life and population-based physical function programmes seek new ways to increase lifelong engagement with physical vim, so the two have become increasingly linked. This book offers a thorough, critical inspection of emerging technologies in physical activity and health, considering technological interventions within the superior theoretical frameworks, exploring the challenges of integrating technology into physical function...