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Is PlayStation VR Quality It?

Top 5 PlayStation VR Games: The PSVR is here for the Sony PlayStation 4 but is it importance it? PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive:

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    Journal PlayStation VR - 03

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    March past PlayStation VR - 08

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    Assessment PlayStation VR - 04

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    01/14/18 ,via

  • PlayStation VR will get 130 new games this year

    01/10/18 ,via TechRadar

    The cultivation to 2 million sales has been rather slow but the PSVR is the most successful huge-end VR headset on the market by a clear margin thanks to its accessibility - the PS4 is currently the only calm with dedicated VR experience and price cuts

  • Sony PlayStation gossip: Killer PS4 feature coming to Xbox One X, nothing for Switch

    01/14/18 ,via

    And it appears that things could get even stronger for the Xbox One trade mark, if a big new feature manages to arrive in the coming months. One of the top PS4 games features not currently at one's fingertips on the Xbox One X is Virtual Reality, which has already

  • PlayStation VR games will nearly twin by the end of 2018

    01/10/18 ,via TrustedReviews

    If you're still holding off on a PlayStation VR obtain due to concerns over its longevity, then Sony has some reassuring news for you. The gaming giant says there'll be 130 new games before the end of 2018, bringing the comprehensive to 280. In a statement

  • Revised PlayStation VR Consummate Arrives at International Retailers

    01/10/18 ,via VRFocus

    Whether or not the new fashion will have the same effect in North America or Europe remains to be seen, however with the news that the PlayStation VR has now surpassed two million item sales worldwide it's unlikely that this will be much of a concern for

PlayStation VR will get 130 new games this year - TechRadar

Although this isn’t in actuality a patch on the 70 million PS4 consoles that have been sold to date, it is a large enough induct base for Sony to justify investing development money as well as near in more third-party developers.

Success sells

It's been noticeable at events such as PSX, Paris Games Week and E3 that Sony has been dedicating more debut time and floor space...


Sony PlayStation despatch: Killer PS4 feature coming to Xbox One X, nothing for Switch -

Sony PlayStation has confirmed that they are still the best force in the current console market, even with the resurgence of the Xbox and Nintendo brands.

But that doesn't have the weight things can't change in the years to come.

According to Microsoft, Xbox outsold PS4 in December for Gen 8 consoles according to NPD information, while Nintendo also had a great month as Switch had most...


PlayStation VR games will nearly duplicate by the end of 2018 - TrustedReviews

Sony isn’t a visitor to offering fantastic deals on the PSVR, many of which we saw during the Black Friday sales.

2017 saw exciting VR experiences like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Gran Turismo Deride and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In our review of the PlayStation VR, we afforded it a perfect 10/10 register. Games editor Brett Phipps wrote: “PlayStation VR is simply the best...

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  • Sony Playstation Vr: Scholarship the Basics

    First Rank Publishing. 2016. 40 pages.

    Sony Interactive Recreation LLC has released the latest in Virtual Reality gear. This newest phenomenon, Sony PlayStation VR, brings the art of gaming to living. The new VR which is scheduled to be released in October of 2016 was created to enhance the gaming encounter for owners of PlayStation 4. The reviews to date have lauded the company and the device itself for its fascinate to the more modern era with its attention to detail and innovation.

  • Practical Reality

    Norwood House Press. 2018. ISBN: 9781599538853,1599538857. 48 pages.

    Effective Reality gives people the opportunity to visit and explore worlds created by computers. With the use of headsets and headphones, users are transported to a flight of fancy world full of incredible experiences. Correlates with STEM instruction and NexGen standards. Includes wordbook, websites, and bibliography for further reading.

  • STUFF史塔夫科技 國際中文版 2016 12月號

    史塔夫科技. 2016. 132 pages.

    10 Hot Five ● Apple MacBook Pro ● Google Pixel, Pixel XL ● Google Daydream Picture ● GoPro Karma ● B&W P9 Signature 18 Giga Pixel 夢幻電動車來了! 22 Apps 本月不可錯過的手機應用程式 24 Dynamic Stats Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 26 Icon Roland - Aerophone AE-10 28 Creme de la creme Android耳機 30 Best Of 奢華旅行車 32 Start Menu Ding 34 Games Stuff的聖誕願望清單 36 Evaluation Apps 37 First Test Special PlayStationVR 41 2016酷品大賞 讓我們為各位看倌呈現本年度各界翹楚:包括智慧型手機、平板電腦、App、 耳機,還有其他族繁不及備載的好物! 66 To begin Test ● LG V20 ● Panasonic TX-58DX802 70 馬上升級你的AppleWatch...

  • Practical Reality Filmmaking

    Taylor & Francis. 2017. ISBN: 9781315280394,1315280396. 180 pages.

    Accepted Reality Filmmaking presents a comprehensive guide to the use of virtual reality in filmmaking, including chronicling, documentary, live event production, and more. Written by Celine Tricart, a filmmaker and an knowledgeable in new technologies, the book provides a hands-on guide to creative filmmaking in this intoxicating new medium, and includes coverage on how to make a film in VR from start to finish. Topics covered subsume: The history of VR; VR cameras; Game engines and interactive VR; The...

  • Stuff史塔夫科技 國際中文版 2017 9月號

    史塔夫科技. 2017. 132 pages.

    10 HOT Squash 16 Vital Stats Paralenz Dive Camera 18 Giga Pixel 後驅野獸 20 Apps 本月不可錯過的手機應程式 22 Select 夏季路跑 24 Best Of 2017巴黎航空展 26 Icon Cervelo P5x 28 Games 漆彈大作戰2 30 Start Menu Senic COVI 32 2017年度百大精選 53 SAMSUNGUNPACKED2017 次世代筆寫新星降臨紐約 61 Win initially Test Microsoft Surface Laptop 65 Tested 小米Max 2 66 Tested New Nintendo 2DS XL 67 直播絕技 71 New Mac!Create New Life! 76 全民情聖真人直擊:教你轟出全壘打的情場教練 81 Test Apps 82 網紅主播背後的運籌帷幄解密17直播心理學 88 Try out 小米6 90 電競X音樂X美食熱浪來襲香港超熱血嘉年華現場全記錄 102 網路影片爆紅秘技呱吉:小女孩和貓 104...