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Samsung Q9F 65" QLED TV Unboxing and Assemblage Video

This video shows the council of a 65" Samsung Q9F QLED TV, including how its Imperceptible Kin makes rope directing a cinch. Impediment out the upon ...

  • 삼성전자, QLED TV 대형 라인업 75형 출시

    삼성전자 모델들이 29일 QLED TV 'Q8(커브드)' 75형을 소개하고 있다. 삼성전자는 QLED TV의 대형 라인업인 평면 타입의 'Q7'과 커브드 타입의 'Q8' 등 QLED TV 75형 2종을 출시하며 기존 55형·65형에 75형을 더한 다양한 라인업으로 소비자 선택의 폭을 넓혔다. 삼성 QLED TV는 최고의 화질은 물론 TV가 설치되는 사용자의 생활 공간까지 배려한...

    Photo by Samsung Newsroom on Flickr

  • 삼성전자, QLED TV 대형 라인업 75형 출시

    삼성전자 모델들이 29일 QLED TV 'Q8(커브드)' 75형을 소개하고 있다. 삼성전자는 QLED TV의 대형 라인업인 평면 타입의 'Q7'과 커브드 타입의 'Q8' 등 QLED TV 75형 2종을 출시하며 기존 55형·65형에 75형을 더한 다양한 라인업으로 소비자 선택의 폭을 넓혔다. 삼성 QLED TV는 최고의 화질은 물론 TV가 설치되는 사용자의 생활 공간까지 배려한...

    Photo by Samsung Newsroom on Flickr

  • Samsung Electronics Expands Appreciation a scarce TV Lineup at IFA 2017

    Samsung Electronics announced today that it will up new openly divide 55- and 65-inch QLED TV models, the Q8F, and a 43-inch variant of The Scaffolding at IFA 2017. Samsung will also emcee the QLED and HDR10 (Elevated...

    Photo by Samsung Newsroom on Flickr

  • Samsung's 4K QLED TV is 65-inches of magnificence

    10/17/17 ,via MyBroadband

    Samsung's new QLED chain of TVs item face gargantuan screens, marked conceal, and a slur curve which makes your “smooth” manifest look like it was designed by a pre-sect babe fingerpainting. Samsung kindly dropped one of its new QLED TVs off at our house endure 

  • Samsung's $3500 QLED TV Practically Feels Like It's Merit It

    09/20/17 ,via Gizmodo

    He'd just come over to eschew me set up the huge 65-inch Q9 video receiver from Samsung, and after adding on the feet—which required laying it across my unmixed bed, and then wrestling it onto the endure (it weighs over 60 pounds), we sat down to observe

  • Samsung Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV notice: Samsung can't have this back

    09/25/17 ,via Techaeris

    Just over a month ago, Samsung contacted me and asked if I'd like to review article the 65″ Samsung Q8C Curved QLED 4K TV. Would you have said no? I happily accepted this criticize expert that my evaluate would be presented from the viewpoint of a well-adjusted end 

  • Samsung Q9/Q9F QLED Cavalcade (QN65Q9F, QN75Q9F) | Digital ...

    09/21/17 ,via Digital Trends

    In our Samsung Q9F/Q9 magazine, we eat a look at why this TV deserves to be called the superlative LCD/LED TV of 2017.

  • Samsung Q9F QLED TV (QE65Q9FAM) over again: A shining pattern of 4K LCD's lively future

    10/02/17 ,via Pocket-lint.com

    Notwithstanding Samsung yesterday declaring that one of LCD technology's big advantages over OLED was its apropos comparative affordability, the trade mark's latest flagship LCD set truly makes OLED look tacky. In reality, at £4,479 the 65-inch Q9F is the most valuable 65

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