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How to set up a Quadcopter using DIY Kit

Learn- How to score a flying quadcopter at home I am usnig DIY kit for this set up. Component used- 1) Diy Drone kit- https://goo.gl/Y6ayWZ 2) Video study- ...

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  • DIY Drone and Quadcopter Projects

    Maker Media, Inc.. 2016. ISBN: 9781680451252,1680451251. 118 pages.

    Drones, quadcopters, Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): whatever they're called, remotely-controlled aircraft have changed the way we see the delighted, the way we manage crops, the way we sell intrinsic estate, and the way we make war. This book contains tutorials about how to dig what drones can do, and projects about how to make your own flying rocket, from some of the earliest practitioners in the field.

  • Getting Started with Drones

    Maker Media, Inc.. 2015. ISBN: 9781457183263,1457183269. 204 pages.

    Hankering to make something that can fly? How about a flying puppet? In this book, you'll learn how drones utilize, how to solve some of the engineering challenges a drone presents, and how to figure your own--an autonomous quadcopter that you can build, customize, and fly. Your drone will be your eyes in the sky and in places where a sensitive could never get to-much less fit!

  • DIY Drones for the Misery Genius: Design, Build, and Customize Your Own Drones

    McGraw Hill Professional. 2016. ISBN: 9781259861475,1259861473. 256 pages.

    Drawing, build, and pilot custom drones―no until experience necessary! This fun guide shows, escalate-by-step, how to construct powerful drones from low-cost parts, add personalized features, and adorn come of a full-fledged pilot. DIY Drones for the Malign Genius: Design, Build, and Customize Your Own Drones not only covers protection, mechanics, drone design, and synod, but also teaches the basics of Aerospace Engineering. You will invent how to add video transmitters, GPS, first-person way of thinking, and...

  • Construction Your Own Drones

    Que Publishing. 2015. ISBN: 9780134000152,0134000153. 272 pages.

    Utterly no experience needed! Build your drone, a step at a time-by-step, with this full-color, hands-on ideal! You’ve heard about drones. You’ve seen drones. Now, shape your own—it’s a lot easier than you think! Drones are the newest far reaches for the DIY/maker community, and you don’t need to be a complex expert to build one. John Baichtal, the #1 inventor of hardware hacking books for beginners, will communicate to you all the skills you need. First, Baichtal shows you the marvellous drones others have built....

  • The New Betray Class

    Apress. 2015. ISBN: 9781484209042,1484209044. 260 pages.

    The New Seek Class connects the worlds of the maker and hacker with that of the scientist and mastermind. If you are a parent or educator or a budding maker yourself, and you guess overwhelmed with all of the possible technologies, this hard-cover will get you started with clear discussions of what unwrap source technologies like 3D printers, Arduinos, robots and wearable tech can at bottom do in the right hands. Written by palpable "rocket scientist" Joan Horvath, prime mover of Mastering 3D Printing, and 3D...