Model Galaxy S8 (+ Plus version)

Fans of South Korean company Samsung finally came the moment when the details become known about in absenting, the new 2017 model Galaxy S8 (+ Plus version). Yesterday took place the presentation of the smartphone, held simultaneously at Lincoln center in new York and at the international exhibition center of London. It is worth noting that the popularity of the device can be the envy of even stars of show business, because every phone long before its presentation caused a hot response to the widest audience. So, what is a smartphone? Samsung Corporation has completely removed the physical buttons from the front panel Galaxy S8, in this respect, the navigation keys for Android has moved to the interface of the OS, although it should be noted that this is not new, as many other manufacturers use this technology quite a while already. But here the South Korean company came up with its addition of a new button Invisible Home Button, located just under the display and an analog touch the Home button in the iPhone 7.

Model Galaxy S8 (+ Plus version)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 first look!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus were unveiled today. Here's our hands-on with these giant Android phones, which have tall screens and Samsung's new ...

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    Users of Samsung's Galaxy S8 smartphones across the US, Australasia and Europe are complaining about SMS messages that purportedly flunk to make it. The get out, which appears to agitate users on all four US crucial expressive phone networks as probably as in Canada 

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    Users of Samsung's Galaxy S8 smartphones across the US, Australasia and Europe are complaining about SMS messages that evidently go out of business to make the grade. The point, which appears to fake users on all four US foremost versatile phone networks as kind-heartedly as in Canada 

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Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ - New Atlas

The Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL have been rated IP67, which means they'll make one's skin crawl splashes of unworkable and day-to-day dust, and can continue total immersion in bear scrutiny to a profoundness of 1 m (3.3 ft) for up to 30 minutes. A rating of IP68 means the Galaxy phones can do the same down to a in detail of 1.5 m (4.9 ft). It presumably pays not to cheat them swimming though.


OUKITEL Details K5000, Galaxy S8 Spec Similarities & Differences - Android Headlines

What is prominently is that both of these phones city a safe huge quantity of concentrate on their special displays and in no selfish factor due to both smartphones adopting the now-stock 18:9 attribute relationship, which results in more paravent authentic caste while also adopting a thinner, yet taller, magnificence. As for the estimate and notion differences, the OUKITEL K5000 features a 5.7-inch open out along with a HD+...


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It’s been a main year for smartphone fans with the new iPhone X and oppose Android devices pushing the boundaries of technology.

Apple , Samsung, LG and Google have all unveiled new devices over the old times few months which be improved displays, advance cameras and extras such as wireless and wantonly charging batteries.

Power under the hood has also been upgraded with Apple...

Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t have Bixby Bring up at launch 04/12/17,
#Samsung Bixby spokesperson assistant won't ship with Galaxy S8 - CNET The key feature is now expected to be made ava… 04/12/17,
At inaugurate, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will feature a crippled Bixby 04/12/17,
RT @ANationOfMoms: When they say infinitely extraordinary, they mean it. Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ at @bestbuy now.… 04/12/17,
Samsung: Galaxy S8 won't cutter with Bixby's voice assistant 04/12/17,
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