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SAMSUNG WASHER & DRYER installation and thoughts

  • brown green point fan pointy bokeh samsung palm frond curly tips adelaide dried split breeze ends wriggle theen

    More Split Ends

    The pointy tips of a huge fan palm frond point downwards and wriggle in the breeze.

    Photo by Theen ... on Flickr

  • morning two sun plant flower macro green floral yellow studio photography europe dof shot image bokeh daniel space side creative picture samsung objects poland wither dry commercial bloom warsaw bud 1977 left photograhy nx kulinski nx20 samsungnx samsungimaging danielkulinski samsungnx20

    In the morning sun

    Photo by Daniel Kulinski on Flickr

  • red white macro green fruit twins strawberry day stuck chocolate swiss aaron samsung plate seeds fondue dried independence theen arpicots flickrandroidapp:filter=none

    Chocolate Fruit Fondue

    Photo by Theen ... on Flickr

  • sky brown tree trimmed straw samsung fringe palm tips blonde trunk adelaide dried fronds ends lightsquare theen

    Shaggy Fringe

    Dried ends of palm fronds hanging down onto the trunk area.

    Photo by Theen ... on Flickr

I’ll put it like this Samsung downstairs .. Bekuz the refrigerators. dishwasher. Washer & Dryer are Samsung & Bose upstairs .. 03/22/19, @Sinful_Ism
Looking for a washer & dryer is difficult choosing one that’s good but not expensive either The Samsung washer & d… 03/22/19, @mamaclark__
@SamsungBizUSA @Samsung you should just stop with anything but TVs & phones. Every single appliance we bought in 20… 03/22/19, @readnallthetime
@missasterbutt That would drive me insane!!! But seriously when I’m next to it, it’s pretty quiet. Here’s the link… 03/22/19, @sunflowerinsea
@BestBuy @SamsungUS my brand new washer and dryer worked for 1 week! Samsung tech disassembled and still doesn’t… 03/21/19, @NHWRun
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