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ZTE Zmax Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Speed Test

This Is the Speed Test between the ZTE Zmax Pro and the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime from Metro PCS. Thanks for watching and Please SUBSCRIBE for more ...

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    Smartphono Ergo Sum

    Photo by ulisse albiati on Flickr

  • samsung zte mobiles moviles cdma movilnet huguito arrobahuguito caracas venezuela qtpd hugolondono


    Photo by huguito on Flickr

  • samsung zte mobiles moviles cdma movilnet huguito arrobahuguito caracas venezuela qtpd hugolondono


    Photo by huguito on Flickr

  • samsung zte mobiles moviles cdma movilnet huguito arrobahuguito caracas venezuela qtpd hugolondono


    Photo by huguito on Flickr

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