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Despite the fact that we face the same Apple Watch, Nike+, they are perceived through the strap and branded dials differently. The perforations on the strap allows the skin to "breathe" and reduces the overall weight of hours. By the way, the material itself is very different from ordinary silicone strap: it is thinner, softer and nicer to touch. If ordinary silicone was perceived by me as something cheap, something from nikovski version very different experience.

The advantages and unique features of Apple Watch, Nike+:

Two display sizes – 38 mm or 42 mm in diameter;

The Retina screen is coated with Ion-X and tactile feedback technology Taptic Engine, discerning gestures, press and light touch;

The back panel is made of a lightweight, high strength composite material;

Package includes brand Nike sport strap with stainless steel buckle;

The choice of the available colors;

The availability of GPS and compatibility with Apple Maps, tracking and route planning;

Data transmission by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0;

A huge selection of apps for watchOS 3, including the utility Nike+ Run Club;

Full sync with iPhone 5+;

The ability to reply to SMS and incoming calls;

Reading e-mail and social networks;

The quick search feature on the smartphone;

Honestly, when we announced the Nike+ Edition, I assumed that Apple will charge a fee for exclusive color straps, however the company is apparently more of a fashion collaboration with Nike, so these versions are the same as regular Watch Series 2: 24 and 36 thousand for version 38 and 42 mm, respectively.

Is it expensive watch? Of course, dear, I feel like the commentators start at the head scroll, how many of them are from China could get for the money. However, it is important to understand that this accessory for a long time and for certain purposes.

I think Nike+ is a great gift for close friends-runners and all those who are active in sports. In new version GPS module and water resistant, they are easier to run and to swim, this is a great solution for athletes, substantially increased the speed and brightness of the display. It is a good upgrade, however, if you own the first generation and sports activities almost never do, then I would recommend to use an old generation, another year or two, in the end, this is not the gadget that should be changed annually.

Apple Watch Nike+

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In robust phrasing, Apple announced that new Series 3 models of Apple Watch Nike+ will be on tap in minimal quantities starting Thursday, October 5. Apple Watch Nike+ pre-orders still start September 15 like established Series 3... Source:
@bangout_marcuss The Nike Apple Watch is 400$ so kinda exorbitant and the J's are a lot cheaper 04/19/17, @king_Marcus11
RT @Chasin_Mula: Anyone impecuniousness a Apple Watch series 2 38mm Nike+band brand new sealed Retail ($369+ tax ) $250 04/19/17, @riassan
RT @Chasin_Mula: Anyone requirement a Apple Watch series 2 38mm Nike+band brand new sealed Retail ($369+ tax ) $250 04/19/17, @reyperez305
@Carfferd Apple watch nike+ FTW 04/18/17, @Lukax__
New on Ebay USA! Apple Watch Nike+ Box ONLY 04/18/17, @iWatchonebay
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