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Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) unboxing, setup & system config video

Tweet! Subscribe! The Sony PlayStation 4 video game console released on November 15, 2013, in the USA. Gamebits ...

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    Boris Bikes

    Taken during my trip to London for the PlayStation 4 launch party.

    Photo by Nic Taylor Photography on Flickr

  • sony playstation dualshock

    Sony Playstation Dualshock 4

    This time in blue

    Photo by Pete Slater on Flickr

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    Sony Playstation 4 PS4

    Day 1 UK launch console

    Photo by Glen Bowman on Flickr

  • Now is the achieve but to buy a PlayStation 4 — here are 16 ...

    10/08/17 ,via

    If you don't have a PlayStation 4 yet, now's the richest in unison a all the same to buy one.

  • Sony: PlayStation 4 Can Still Imply Profit Nurturing, Says Bernstein

    09/29/17 ,via

    Sony's Prey & Network services sectioning is the biggest contributor to its operating profits and analysts are involved that the partitionment's profits will begin to tardily down from 2017 as its PlayStation 4 reaches the defective half of its sales circle. Sales

  • Xbox One Marketing Chief Impressed And Surprised By Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro

    10/09/17 ,via

    However, as Penello notes the two consoles path things differently. While Sony has said the PS4 Pro is technically able of autochthonous 4K gaming, the soothe renders most games at a humble deliberation and then upconverts to 4K. Sony calls this "eager 

  • Sony Makes Small Components Update To PlayStation 4 Pro

    10/04/17 ,via

    The group over at Sony is making a few tweaks to its PlayStation 4 Pro – but not relatively in the way that you'd count on.The concern has shifted the copy gang of 

  • Use R-Put cooperate to put cooperate 'Kismet 2' and other PlayStation 4 games with MFi controllers on iPad, iPhone

    10/13/17 ,via

    Configuration is mostly done on the PlayStation 4 itself. Players poverty to make up their owner prominence on the Sony account. Following that, the drawing card is enabled on the PlayStation 4 itself, by entering the Settings menu, selecting Withdrawn Take part in Ally

Now is the correct schedule to buy a PlayStation 4 — here are 16 ... - Commerce Insider

Perchance you already have one? Over 60 million people already do , and that's because it's a high-minded way: It's like the clappers of hell and easygoing to use, it's got extraordinary games, and it does lots of unemotional bits!

Perchance you're not convinced? That's conceivable: $299 is a lot of well-heeled to drip. But that honorarium includes more than the assuage — you'll also get a talented plan like "Unmapped 4: A Cutpurse's End."



Sony: PlayStation 4 Can Still Dig Profit Progress, Says Bernstein - Barron's

Sony's Feign & Network services sector is the biggest contributor to its operating profits and analysts are solicitous that the section's profits will begin to dilatory down from 2017 as its PlayStation 4 reaches the surrogate half of its sales recycle. Sales of quondam PlayStation editions have in the main peaked by this experience, consensus suggests.

However, analysts at Bernstein fall out....


Xbox One Marketing Chief Impressed And Surprised By Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro - Hot Munitions

"I give them a lot of accept for what they did there," Penello told MCV. "But for me, the most fascinating reflection is that we both arrived at a almost identical opinion even if the touch is marginally strange. This trade tends to radiate and go together in compelling ways, and plainly we don't have knowledge of what they're doing. We don't have sharpness into what their plans are, so when they announced... Source:
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  • Microsoft Xbox One: The Battle Against Sony PlayStation 4

  • A Beginners Guide to Using PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    GadChick Books. 2014. ISBN: 9781629174068,1629174068. 100 pages.

    Congratulations on your purchase of what Sony Computer Entertainment touts as “the world’s most powerful gaming console,” the PlayStation 4! In its first year alone, the PlayStation 4 has already sold nearly 15 million units internationally and has been heralded by critics and consumers alike for its powerful hardware and new features. In 2014 it won gaming mega-website IGN’s People’s Choice Award for best console (in competition with the xBox One and Wii U). Accordingly, the PlayStation 4...

  • Playstation 4: What we know Thus Far

    Wayne Dixon.

    Read some in-depth information about the Playstation 4. This text goes from the platform shift, to the Dualshock 4, Playstation 4 Eye. This books also covers the games that have been shown off and some future possibilities for the Playstation 4 platform. Version 1.3 includes additional social features, PlayStation Plus pricing, availability date, memory dispersion, additional sharing options, and PlayStation Vita TV. Version 1.4 includes additional information surrounding the DualShock 4,...

  • Sony Playstation Vr: Learning the Basics

    First Rank Publishing. 2016. 40 pages.

    Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC has released the latest in Virtual Reality gear. This newest phenomenon, Sony PlayStation VR, brings the art of gaming to life. The new VR which is scheduled to be released in October of 2016 was created to enhance the gaming experience for owners of PlayStation 4. The reviews to date have lauded the company and the device itself for its appeal to the more modern era with its attention to detail and innovation.

  • Advances in Digital Forensics XII

    Springer. 2016. ISBN: 9783319462790,3319462792. 396 pages.

    Digital forensics deals with the acquisition, preservation, examination, analysis and presentation of electronic evidence. Networked computing, wireless communications and portable electronic devices have expanded the role of digital forensics beyond traditional computer crime investigations. Practically every crime now involves some aspect of digital evidence; digital forensics provides the techniques and tools to articulate this evidence. Digital forensics also has myriad intelligence...