NASA also develops new Space suit helmet.

One of these prototypes are already being tested – "Z-1". Despite that "Z-1" looks very similar to the Space suit helmet buzz Lighter from the animated film "toy Story", its functionality has some significant innovations: The presence of a universal port at the back of the suit will allow you to connect as a standalone DLC in the form of the container and the life support system provided by the ship. The increased mobility of astronaut in spacesuit achieved through: the new technology "inserts" in the crease parts of the body, soft design of costume as well as the relatively small weight of about 73 kg, in the Assembly for EVA. The mobility of astronaut in "Z-1" is so high that allows him to bend over and reach your toes, sit on my knee, or even sit in a posture like the Lotus pose.

Not to mention that in this area there are innovative and bold proposals, most famous of which — "Biscuit". Devi Newman — Professor of Aeronautics one of the best universities (MIT) worked on the concept of such a suit more than 10 years. Feature of the "Biscuit" is the lack of empty space in the suit to fill it with gas to create external pressure on the body. The latter are produced mechanically by using an alloy of titanium and Nickel, and polymers. That is, the suit itself is constricted, creating a pressure on the body. Being divided into segments, "Biscuit" "not afraid" of punctures of the suit in particular places, as the puncture will not lead to depressurization of the entire suit, and can just be taped over. In addition, this technology will significantly reduce the weight of the suit and prevent injury to astronauts resulting from the suit. What remains in the process of development – so it is a helmet which, unfortunately, for this technology to create most likely will not succeed. And therefore, probably, in the future we expect a symbiosis suit, "Biscuit" and "EMU".+

Summing up, we note that the rapid development of technology leads to the rapid development of space technology, instruments and equipment. The brake factor for the development of Space suit helmet can only be funding, as this equipment costs millions of dollars.

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