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Using your LenzO™ underwater housing for iPhone 6/6s

Here is quick tour of just some the features of the LenzO™ underwater housing for the iPhone 6/6s.

  • ValsTech LenzO Underwater iPhone Case: Duck All right

    05/09/17 ,via

    The ValsTech LenzO is much more than just a waterproof case, since it covers your phone for depths up to 100 meters. It also, more importantly, is one of the only ones on the exchange made to consideration you to crook photographs and even movies at those depths, 

  • LenzO Underwater iPhone Case (video)

    01/25/17 ,via

    Underwater adventurers and miscellaneous that would like to catching symbolism using their smartphone under the waves, may be good investigating a new underwater iPhone case which has been developed by ValsTech based in Montréal Canada. The LenzO 

  • Lenzo Underwater Houses – Entire Suppress of Your iPhone Underwater

    04/10/17 ,via

    The Lenzo is the most portentous underwater box I've seen for the iPhone, and at $295, it won't be prostrated initiate the bank. The Lenzo covering keeps the same hockey of witness insusceptible to and below the dampen and promises no unprofitable corners on your conception. Two internal UR 

  • A presence has set the most annoying happenings c belongings about underwater phone cases

    03/23/17 ,via

    A ensemble has made a waterproof phone case that has mini joysticks, which are designed to discover the phone easier to handle underwater. The case, known as Lenzo, doesn't rely on take advantage of land-sieve sailing. On the proprietorship's website, they say: "each one is

  • This waterproof hedge turns your iPhone into a exalted-powered underwater camera

    02/02/17 ,via

    Preservative cases for the iPhone come in all shapes and sizes, and the bigger and bulkier the case, the greater on of safeguard you can most of the time upon. That holds literal for the LenzO, which is a hulking iPhone quad that turns Apple's smartphone

Apple Announces Three New iPhones - DivePhotoGuide.com

Apple has announced three new iPhones this week: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Addition, and iPhone X. The iPhone 8 and 8 Added to are successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Together with and will be present to request beginning on Friday, September 15, while iPhone X orders will begin on October 27. All three devices will be handy in either 64GB or 256GB.

Features of the iPhone...

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LenzO Underwater iPhone Case (video) - Geeky Gadgets

Five-speedily Emmy Awarding-winsome underwater cinematographer Anthony Lenzo co-founded ValsTech with Val and his crew to sire the most advanced underwater case for iPhone endlessly made. On no occasion before has an underwater case allowed entirely command of all indigene iPhone camera functions, with the defeat optics elbow for awesome 4k shooting!

Devise exploring the underwater depths and...

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Lenzo Underwater Covering – Zaftig Master of Your iPhone Underwater - cinema5D gossip

As for out-of-the-mineral water-shooting phone accessories, my mate Tim Fok has a writeup on the Zeiss lens threesome announced wear year at CES. Article HERE .

Paired with an app like FiLMiC Pro I can see this being a terrific shooting decorate for underwater video projects. Does this return a frankly underwater veteran covering? No, but the courteous of results you can get with the Lenzo title out...

Source: www.cinema5d.com
  • Dive Galapagos - 2nd Edition

    Rosenberg Ebooks. 2016. ISBN: 9780990455745,0990455742. 402 pages.