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Using your LenzO™ underwater housing for iPhone 6/6s

Here is quick tour of just some the features of the LenzO™ underwater housing for the iPhone 6/6s.

  • ValsTech LenzO Underwater iPhone Case: Dip Safe

    05/09/17 ,via

    The ValsTech LenzO is much more than just a waterproof case, since it covers your phone for depths up to 100 meters. It also, more importantly, is one of the only ones on the make available made to allow you to take photographs and even movies at those depths, 

  • LenzO Underwater iPhone Case (video)

    01/25/17 ,via

    Underwater adventurers and assorted that would like to capture imagery using their smartphone under the waves, may be worth investigating a new underwater iPhone case which has been developed by ValsTech based in Montréal Canada. The LenzO 

  • Lenzo Underwater Container – Full Control of Your iPhone Underwater

    04/10/17 ,via

    The Lenzo is the most portentous underwater housing I've seen for the iPhone, and at $295, it won't break the bank. The Lenzo housing keeps the same addict of view above and below the water and promises no soft corners on your image. Two internal UR 

  • This Inundate Will Let Your iPhone Take Pictures Underwater, Essentially Turning It Into A Dive Camera

    02/16/17 ,via

    We all identify that the iPhone 7 can withstand water, but what if you want to take it to the ocean and take pictures under 300 feet of first? What if you want to use the phone underwater without ever compromising the touchscreen controls?. Well, LenzO has 

  • Procure your iPhone 7 under the sea with this new touchscreen-friendly diving case

    01/30/17 ,via

    Unshakeable, the iPhone 7 can withstand a little splashing, but a new Kickstarter campaign is aiming to take the smartphone over 300 feet underwater — without losing the touchscreen controls. LenzO is an iPhone 7 and 7 Added to case designed to turn the phone

  • Dive Galapagos - 2nd Edition

    Rosenberg Ebooks. 2016. ISBN: 9780990455745,0990455742. 402 pages.

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