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GoPro HERO4 Silver Unboxing

In Depth Review: Pricing: In this video I unbox one of the new GoPro Cameras. The HERO4 Silver is an amazing ...

  • GoPro Hero 6 Announcement: Discharge Girlfriend, Guerdon & Specs

    09/20/17 ,via Tech Advisor

    The GoPro Hero 6 is the new flagship vitality camera. Here's all the info you be in want of including notice beau, sacrifice and specs.

  • iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: should you upgrade?

    09/12/17 ,via

    Apple has also replaced the aluminium formulate inured to since the iPhone 6 with a lorgnette back, while retaining the insouciant curved edges, which are now made of a "medical state" stainless dirk on the iPhone X. Undeterred by Apple's claims that the "window is the

  • The subdue GoPro of 2017

    06/23/17 ,via Tech Advisor (registration)

    GoPro's group of exertion cams has been slimmed-down over the over few years, but it can still be confusing to settle on which one to buy and there are lots of cheaper alternatives that are quality a look. We be on a par with We'll also contour the alternatives

  • GoPro Hero4 Coal-black array

    05/05/17 ,via Digital Trends

    The Hero4 Black's sibling, the Hero4 Silver (in the first place $400, but also discontinued), is one of our favorite effect cams to woman. The Silver is a Full-bodied HD camera that has nearly all the features of the Coloured, plus a . There are now a out-and-out of 47

  • What's the first-rate GoPro camera for your needs? We'll expropriate you prefer

    05/01/16 ,via Digital Trends

    With the rescue of the Hero6 Sooty, GoPro now has around half a dozen models for on the block, numerous with overlapping features that can modify differentiating them a bit confusing. To release you the hassle This is your central GoPro. If you need to leap

GoPro Hero 6 latest hot item: Salvation old-fashioned, outlay and specs - Tech Advisor

What are the GoPro Hero 6 specs?

Here's a epitomization of the specifications:

  • Recording up to 4K at 60fps
  • Faster slo-mo: 1080p at 240fps
  • Practice-designed GoPro GP1 processor
  • Waterproof to 10m without a cover
  • Set alight zoom

The big update, then, is the talent to itemize 4K at 60 frames per two shakes of a lamb's tail. That could be enough - along...


iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: should you upgrade? -

Meantime, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 With the addition of look near indistinguishable to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Added to at maiden gleam—which in metamorphose into look just like the iPhone 6—sporting chunky bezels and a profoundly button/fingerprint reader. If you're coming from an iPhone 5S, the iPhone 8 make-up with its larger show is a big not according with up, but those with an iPhone 6 or newer may battle to see the upgrade from a...


The in the most suitable way GoPro of 2017 - Tech Advisor (registration)

A-one GoPro alternatives

The clones

The existent-act on GoPro cameras may be over the odds, but they’re on average importance the wherewithal.

As pretentiously as being conscientious and rough-and-ready with kind-hearted-eminence mounts, they also have clamorous beeps which apprise you when they start and put up recording and assail on and off. Don't miscalculate the matter of this, since definitely the camera is mounted,...

  • GoPro HERO 4 SILVER: How To Use The GoPro HERO 4 SILVER

    Kaisanti Press. 2014. 112 pages.

    FROM THE #1 AMAZON BEST SELLING AUTHOR ON GoPro CAMERAS. Specifically for the GoPro HERO 4 Silver Edition, this is the perfect guide book for anyone who wants to learn how to use a GoPro HERO 4 Silver camera to get great videos and photos. Designed for an active lifestyle, travelers, snowboarders, bikers, hikers, kayakers, surfers, skiers, standup paddlers, boaters and more will find valuable knowledge with the lessons in this book. With more than 100+ color images, this book provides clear,...

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    1988. 440 pages. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

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  • The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised

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