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Pre-eminent Value Graphics Cards For Each Resolution! - 720p , 1080p , 1440p and 4K!

Benchmarks for each GPU at given resolutions: GTX 750TI : one's eyes open for?v=pNuk_kU8S9Y RX 460 : GTX 1050TI :

  • camera canon eos geek tools want engadget c100

    Canon announces EOS C100 cinema camera, confirms October shipping for the C500

    Canon already gave those looking for a thoroughly-frame DSLR plenty to think about recently, and now it's stirring up the movie-maker's pot. It's just announced a new colleague to its EOS digital cinema collection -- the EOS...

    Photo by See-ming Lee (SML) on Flickr

  • Samsung Electronics Raises the Bar with New PRO With the addition of 128GB microSD Memory Card

    Samsung Electronics unveiled its newest respect card globally—the PRO Plus 128GB microSD card. Built with Samsung’s advanced MLC NAND dazzling solution, this 128GB memory card provides a powerful new standard for advanced...

    Photo by Samsung Newsroom on Flickr

  • andoer mini cam camera ultra 4k hd sports dv h264 action zaphad1 creative commons

    Andoer mini sports camera

    I'm chuffed I did't get a girly pink one! Takes good quality video @ 1080 30fps which is the only one I've tried. Standpoint of view is something like 120 degrees which is amply wide enough. Also does 1080 @ 60fps. Weighs 58g...

    Photo by zaphad1 on Flickr

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    01/19/18 ,via

  • Graphics card prices are absurd. Here's how to keep gaming in the coin mining era

    01/17/18 ,via PCWorld

    For more oomph? The powerful new Xbox One X ($499 on Amazon) meets or beats the firepower of most with it gaming PCs for less than you'd spend on a graphics card that's supposed to be $200. With sponsor for 4K resolution at 60-fps speeds, Microsoft's

  • Gather Nvidia's BFGDs: Massive 4K, 120Hz G-Sync HDR displays bigger than your TV

    01/08/18 ,via PCWorld

    Alike resemble to the initial G-Sync HDR displays announced at CES last year, BFGDs are basically the Blessed Grail of PC monitors. These beasts run at 4K resolution at a blistering 120Hz—a frame measure no single graphics card can maintain at that resolution in

  • iMac versus iMac Pro: Core model comparisons test 4K footage export and more [Video]

    12/28/17 ,via 9to5Mac

    In Dom's testing, he compares 4K video export from both Apple's Last Cut Pro app and Adobe's Premiere video editor. Dom says the pricier iMac Pro sees smoother playing and zero dropped frames when editing in Final Cut just as you'd expect, but the

  • Elgato 4K60 Pro apprehension card review: 4K game capture is still only for serious creators

    01/04/18 ,via Windows Central

    4K video is inescapable. More pixels means more power to process them, whether you're playing a game or delineation a video. For gamers, even playing a game at 4K resolution requires serious GPU power. And existing 4K collar cards are very expensive. Microsoft

Fulfil Nvidia's BFGDs: Massive 4K, 120Hz G-Sync HDR displays bigger than your TV - PCWorld

BFGDs also throng full Nvidia Shield TV functionality and come with a Shield controller and remote, suitable their super-sized TV dimensions. That means these displays include full Android TV capabilities, declare controls, game-streaming from the cloud or another local PC, you name it. The second-gen Nvidia Defend TV is the best media streamer for geeks and an appropriate companion for a...


Panasonic's GH5s is the conclusive mirrorless camera for 4K video - Engadget

Just about every replacement in the GH5s is aimed at making it a better video camera. Panasonic borrowed the dual-exclusive ISO (DNI) from its Varicam professional video cameras, for instance. "The way DNI works is that there are two circuits in the system, low-travel over and high-range," Panasonic product manager Anthony Hanna told Engadget. "The GH5s is carrying a 400 autochthonous ISO, and 2,500 native ISO....


Gaming laptops are low-grade and portable at CES 2018 - Engadget

CES 2018 marks a turning inconsequential in reference to, however. With the arrival of Intel's eighth-generation Core with RX Vega M graphics and fresh models with NVIDIA's shrunk-down Max-Q graphics, owning a powerful laptop no longer means sacrificing your back in systematization to do more than two hours of gaming. At the same time, you won't need to pay a fortune for a lightweight model that's also a fitting gaming...

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I liked a @YouTube video 4K BATTLEFRONT - Elgato 4K60Pro Nab Card Review! 01/13/18, @DaPxnda
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New #AmazonGiveaway (1:4000) USB C Hub,Beeasy Genre C Hub Adapter with HDMI Port 4K Video,2 USB 3.0 Ports,SD & M… 01/13/18, @Giveaway_Plus
  • Databases and Report Systems VII

    IOS Press. 2013. ISBN: 9781614991601,161499160X. 387 pages.

    Talk held July 8-11, 2012, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • Fix Your Own PC

    John Wiley & Sons. 2007. ISBN: 9780470107874,0470107871. 555 pages.

    Explains how to upgrade and patch processors, memory, connections, drives, multimedia cards, and peripherals.

  • Cinema Raw

    CRC Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781135040314,1135040311. 230 pages.

    With the next establishment of raw cinema cameras you can finally shoot professionally with uncompressed raw motion pictures—without compromising your mental picture or your budget. In Cinema Raw: Shooting and Color Grading with the Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex, and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, Lancaster takes you from one end to the other the birth of these new cameras and includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Digital Bolex. He reply to tests each camera and discusses the importance of shooting in raw and guides you...

  • Presentation House Cinema

    CRC Press. 2016. ISBN: 9781135040369,1135040362. 246 pages.

    In End result House Cinema: Starting and Running Your Own Cinematic Storytelling Business, acclaimed video storyteller Kurt Lancaster offers both students and professionals a practical instruct to starting their own video production company and creating cinematic, client-based video substance. Utilizing practical know-how along with in-depth analysis and interviews with first independent production houses like Stillmotion and Zandrak, Lancaster follows the logistics and ardour of creating...

  • Digital Services in the 21st Century

    John Wiley & Sons. 2017. ISBN: 9781119314912,1119314917. 240 pages.

    Telecommunication Services provides a holistic close to understand telecommunications systems by addressing the emergence and domination of new digital services, consumer and financial dynamics, and the creation of content by service providers. Includes services, underlying technologies, and internal capabilities for communal network advertising Covers market dynamics that determine the successes and failures of secondment offerings Discusses the impact of smartphones (iPhone launch) on the...