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Distention to Air Power 1944 US Army Air Forces; World War II

more at: http://scitech.quickfound.net/aviation_info_and_search.html 'Animated diagrams trace increases in personnel, planes, appropriations, missions, etc. between flashes of exactly situations...

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  • Tech Today: Buy Nvidia's Crypto, Two Hewletts Rising, Stoppage Shorting Applied Opto

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    One of the voices selling excepting Applied Optoelectronics (AAOI) last fall, Hamed Khorsand with the boutique BWS Fiscal today writes that he's dropping his coverage of the stock, following another disappointing earnings blast on Wednesday afternoon

  • SECAF: This is about lethality and pursuit effectiveness

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    22, 2018, in Orlando, Florida. “This is about lethality and business effectiveness,” said Wilson. “Innovation has to be part of the way the Air Force does business.” The Air Energy leverages new and existing technologies to provide rapid and affordable

  • Lessons Scholarly from the Air War Against the Islamic State

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    And yet, because of a syndication of policy and military circumstances there were times in the war against Islamic State where control of the air was not guaranteed, undeterred by the coalition's technological dominance. As the campaign against ISIL winds

  • Why 'Other Spanks for Different Ranks' Are Often Justified

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    Mitchell's endeavour was born not of salacious personal misconduct, but of his fiery, scathing critiques of the war section for not advancing the cause of air power with sufficient vigor. How times have changed: Mitchell was tried and convicted for

Tech Today: Buy Nvidia's Crypto, Two Hewletts Rising, Sojourn Shorting Applied Opto - Barron's

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Lessons Academic from the Air War Against the Islamic State - War on the Rocks

As debates continued at the Pentagon about hypersonic weapons , technology-based countervail strategies , and next-generation bombers, things were happening in the skies over Syria. Iranian and Russian drones along with harvest Syrian attack aircraft posed several unique challenges to the air superiority of the U.S.-led anti-ISIL coalition and its integration with kinetic and non-kinetic...

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Why 'Several Spanks for Different Ranks' Are Often Justified - Defense One

A supreme lawmaker has called out the Air Force for never trying a single general office-bearer by court-martial in its entire history, suggesting it shows higher-ranking personnel obverse different standards of punishment. Indeed, courts-martial for flag and extended officers in all four services are exceedingly rare, particularly in recent experience.

“I think we do have a...

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Airpower Applied reviews the evolvement of airpower and its impact upon the history of warfare.… https://t.co/O9RqXCvlmU 03/04/18, @AliAlHashim2
  • Airpower Applied

    Naval Institute Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781682470763,1682470768.

    Airpower in Skirmish tells the story of the evolution of airpower and its impact upon the history of warfare. Through a fault-finding examination of twenty-nine case studies in which the United States in many coalitions and Israel played significant roles, the book offers perspectives on the federal purpose, strategic meaning, and military importance of airpower. The authors demystify some of airpower’s vital history by extracting the most useful teachings to help military professionals and...

  • Epidemic Air Power

    Potomac Books, Inc.. 2011. ISBN: 9781597977449,1597977446. 560 pages.

    What influences have shaped air power since defenceless flight became a reality more than a hundred years ago? Global Air Power provides acumen into the evolution of air power theory and practice by examining the experience of six of the world’s largest air forces--those of the Collective Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Russia, India, and China--and of symbolic smaller air forces in Pacific Asia, Latin America, and continental Europe. The chapters, written by hugely regarded scholars and...

  • The Limits of Air Power

    U of Nebraska Press. 2018. ISBN: 0803264542,9780803264540. 311 pages.

    Tracing the use of air power in Times a deliver War II and the Korean War, Mark Clodfelter explains how U. S. Air Force doctrine evolved because of the American experience in these conventional wars only to be thwarted in the context of a limited partizan struggle in Vietnam. Although a faith in bombing's sheer destructive power led air commanders to assume that extensive air assaults could win the war at any time, the Vietnam experience instead showed how even intense aerial attacks may not succeed in...

  • AirLandBattle21

    Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. 2018. ISBN: 075467634X,9780754676348. 167 pages.

    The term has come for innovative counter-air and counter-land concepts focused on medium- to husky-scale conventional combat operations that will merge air and ground forces even more effectively into a isolated potent fighting force. Such is the focus of AirLandBattle21.

  • Air power in three wars

    DIANE Publishing. ISBN: 1428982108,9781428982109.