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    Brisvegas Taxi Cockpit

    My office 12 to 14 hours a night, 4 (usually) to 6 (seldom) nights a week.

    Photo by Bandido of Oz on Flickr

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    Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 - 29

    Note: this photo was published in an Oct 4, 2009 blog titled "The Excessive Celebration Rule in College Football is Insulting to the Brain." Moving into 2010, it was published in a Feb 2, 2010 blog titled...

    Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

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    A Bitcoin You Can Flip

    My son has become fascinated with bitcoins, and so I had to get him a tangible one for Xmas (thanks Sim1!). The public key is imprinted visibly on the tamper-evident holographic film, and the private key lies...

    Photo by jurvetson on Flickr

  • Netgear adds 1080p video to Arlo Pro 2 security camera

    10/10/17 ,via VentureBeat

    Netgear has unveiled its following-crop Arlo wireless security camera, with new features such as 1080p great-description video, discretional 24/7 video recording, unmandatory solar power, and countenance for Amazon Alexa share commands. And since you can interdependence couple

  • EZVIZ Mini Trooper wireless indoor / out of doors security camera system study

    09/29/17 ,via The Gadgeteer

    Choosing from the jumbo variety of WiFi security cameras that are on the merchandise can be daunting. We're here to mention your job harder by effectual you about a sort that you may not be unceremonious with. The EZVIZ Mini Trooper is an affordable camera system

  • Besthousekeeping.co.uk Reviews the Unsurpassed Institution Monitoring Systems and Security Cameras

    10/13/17 ,via Digital Journal

    Besthousekeeping.co.uk has published an updated reviews of the most suitable residency monitoring systems and security cameras in both the UK and the US. The products reviewed by the put cover security wireless quarter distress systems and CCTV camera kits, shelter 

  • Perch adds new cameras and a wireless daunt system to its output followers

    09/20/17 ,via Ars Technica

    Alphabet-owned Retreat announced several new products today, all of them focused on cuttingly security. Two new cameras have been introduced—the Hide-out Cam IQ Outside and Aerie Hello—along with Perch Closed, a multi-apparatus relaxed terror system powered by 

  • What You Neediness to Favour a Gargantuan Wireless Untroubled b in Security System

    10/10/17 ,via Electronics360

    Cameras are another sought-after security system item face. In appendage to acting as a boosting rub, they can also be valuable to sign in on the bagnio while the proprietress is away. Just about all security cameras spotlight some make of blackness eyesight. Numberless have more

Netgear adds 1080p video to Arlo Pro 2 security camera | VentureBeat - VentureBeat

Netgear has unveiled its next-reproduction Arlo wireless security camera, with new features such as 1080p merry-clarity video, unforced 24/7 video recording, discretional solar power, and withstand for Amazon Alexa vehicle commands.

And since you can tie the Arlo Pro 2 wire-let go security camera to your goggle-box, you can now see who’s at the organization door without getting off the divan. The...

Source: venturebeat.com

What You Extremity to Decamp a Giant Wireless At ease Security System - Electronics360

Security systems come with all odd options and costs. One of the latest trends is to go with wireless security systems due to the help of ordination. On numerous occasions the homeowner can do the instatement preferably of having to employ a talented installer. Ignoring being called "wireless," some devices are not totally wireless as they desperate straits power; "wireless" many times ascetically refers to the...

Source: electronics360.globalspec.com

Lair adds new cameras and a wireless frighten system to its upshot train - Ars Technica

Alphabet-owned Resort announced several new products today, all of them focused on territory security. Two new cameras have been introduced—the Resort Cam IQ Open-air and Haunt Hello—along with Snuggery Locked up, a multi-insigne internal discomfort system powered by movement sensors.

Both cameras are intended for open-air post, and they add facial-acknowledgement capabilities via Google’s FaceNet technology....

Source: arstechnica.com
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  • Low Power Energy Harvesting and Storage Techniques from ...

  • Shooter's Bible Guide to Home Defense

    Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. 2013. ISBN: 9781626361799,1626361797. 208 pages.

    Provides advice on how to evaluate the vulnerable points in a home, fortify the property discreetly, select security systems, choose weapons and use them under stress, and interact safely with aggressors.

  • Building a Home Security System with Arduino

    Packt Publishing Ltd. 2015. ISBN: 9781785283802,1785283804. 132 pages.

    Design, build and maintain a home security system with Arduino Uno About This Book Learn what a security system is, how it works and create one for yourself Develop a security system by setting up security cameras and motion detector systems Manage and analyze all the data collected by the sensors from the security system, using a graphical application Who This Book Is For This book is for novice programmers and hobbyists who want to understand how Arduino can be used to program a home...

  • WarDriving and Wireless Penetration Testing

    Syngress. 2017. ISBN: 159749111X,9781597491112. 400 pages.

    Provides information on analyzing wireless networks through wardriving and penetration testing.

  • The Visible Employee

    Information Today, Inc.. 2017. ISBN: 0910965749,9780910965743. 353 pages.

    The misuse of an organization's information systems by employees, whether through error or by intent, can result in leaked and corrupted data, crippled networks, lost productivity, legal problems, and public embarrassment. As organizations turn to technology to monitor employee use of network resources, they are finding themselves at odds with workers who instinctively feel their privacy is being invaded. The Visible Employee reports the results of an extensive four-year research project,...