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  • apps iphone

    My iPhone apps as of February 2010

    A montage of iPhone apps I currently use, with notes and links! :-)

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  • games


    My bestest games from the last 20 years. Not always technically the best but certainly the ones I've played the most. A new updated version can be found here -

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  • blue swimming swim pair goggles next vol colorfields prev finis gogle underwatermp3player

    Finis Underwater MP3 Player

    About 6 months ago I decided to spend some time getting into shape. For the past few years, like a lot of people, I'd eaten too much and worked out way too little. I do get out and photowalk quite a bit (which is...

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  • New Xbox One S bundles register Rise rapidly Guild, Minecraft, and Corona

    10/14/17 ,via

    Also featured in this pack off is a download jurisprudence for the extreme tactic of Minecraft: Anecdote Vogue Mellow 1, 3 months of Xbox Charged Gold, and a 1 month Xbox Encounter Pass pledge, which is Xbox's new scheme-streaming military talents. Next up is the Xbox One S Rise rapidly 

  • Microsoft Announces Four New Xbox One S Bundles

    10/11/17 ,via

    Xbox One S Sky-rocket Alliance Eruption-Off Collection. This €279 pack off is accessible only in Europe and the UK. It includes a 500 GB Xbox One S assuage, an Xbox Wireless Controller, a directly-sport download cryptogram for Shoot up United with, 3 months of Xbox Animate Gold, and 1 

  • Microsoft announces 3 new Xbox One bundles

    10/12/17 ,via

    We're still more than a month away from Jet Friday, but Microsoft is already priming the empty for its Xbox One assuage by announcing three new bundles, each retailing for $279. All three comprehend the whey-faced Xbox One S solace with an internal 500GB

  • 16 reasons why now is the cultivate space to buy an Xbox One

    10/14/17 ,via

    As of this journalism leading article, the three games surpassing are nearby on Xbox One for Xbox Flaming Gold subscribers in October. For $60 each year, you get a bunch of "undo" games each month. For the start with participate in of October, the three games superior to before are ready

  • Games with Gold October 2017 UPDATE: New Xbox games freeing COUNTDOWN

    10/15/17 ,via

    There's also Rayman 3 HD close by to those hoping to enlarge their Xbox One Backward Compatibility lineup. But speedily there will be the monthly fortify, giving fans just scant over a day to arrest whatever titles they don't already have in their library

Pre-X Xbox One S bundles just popped up in Snowy - SlashGear

This week the folks at Microsoft have sure to savour a few more Xbox One S bundles before they start in Firm with nurturing of their Xbox One X. Not only was a Minecraft hurry off revealed, but a Shoot up Federated with package dispatch, and a Mandorla packet as equably. And don’t omit the non-ready-definitive scurry off called “Xbox One S Starter Pack”, sharp to undulate with Xbox Lodge Gold for extricate for 3 months – with a...


Tekken 7 surpasses 2M copies sold on consoles, 3 months after inauguration - Gamasutra

On Warble today Tekken 7 frontman Katsuhiro Harada answered a assuredly question about the sport's healthfulness by noting that, as of September, the willing had sold over 2 million copies across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since it debuted in betimes June.

It's a acclaimed milestone, one that Tekken 7 has reached much faster than opposition Terrace Fighter V , which launched on...


Gone Skilled in starts off October Games with Gold - XBLA Fans

Another month and another unrestrictedly target dissemble or four, but who's counting (me, that's who). As always you get two games for the Xbox One Gone Conversant with and The Turing Study as glowingly as Rayman 3 HD and Medal of Honor: Airborne for the Xbox 360.

Let us zero in on the 360 games chief; these are two pedestrian titles that evenly matched a cold shoulder let down when...

Diablo 3 Seasons drop-kick off at the end of the month on PS4 and Xbox One 06/27/17,
Should I get Apostrophize of Duty 2 & Call of Duty 3 next month for my birthday on Xbox One? 06/27/17,
RT @GAMEdigital: We've got your summer sorted with this Prodigious #XboxOne bundle! 06/27/17,
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  • My Xbox One

    Que Publishing. 2014. ISBN: 9780133539936,0133539938. 320 pages.

    My Xbox One Step-by-step instructions with callouts to colorful Xbox One images that show you exactly what to do Help when you run into problems with Xbox One, Kinect™, Xbox Live®, or SmartGlass Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Xbox One system Full-color, step-by-step tasks show how to have maximum fun with your new Xbox One! Learn how to • Set up Xbox One, Kinect, and Xbox Live quickly–and start having fun now! • Personalize settings, gamertags, avatars, gamerpics… your...

  • Xbox One

    Wayne Dixon. 34 pages.

    If you're busy and you don't have the time to go and read every single article from the myriad of websites that have information about the Xbox One, then you should buy this guide to help walk you through all of the features, controversy, and issues revolving around the Xbox One. This book will take you back through the history of the Xbox, from the humble beginnings of the original Xbox, through the Xbox 360 and all of its various permutations, where you will end up at the Xbox One. While...

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  • The Best Video Games of 2016

    Conceptual Kings. 2016. 40 pages.

    You can never really have enough games; no matter what amazing open-world game you encountered—there will always be a more exciting, more advanced game right around the corner. There are plenty of stellar games in the game industry, but it’s never too early to get excited for what’s new and what could be the next big hit. Here is a look at the most anticipated games for 2016. Games such as ReCore and XCOM 2. Infact 2016, is promised to be another great year of games. Your biggest problem is...