Microsoft Xbox Scorpio.

This model belongs to a completely different family and has numerous positive functions. Graphics from Microsoft Xbox Scorpio just at the height of the price category to treat is quite low. But it's not as good as it sounds, because the number of decent games for this model were produced very little, and because of all its significance are lost.

Another common activity of Internet sites selling game consoles and toys for them. It's the whole gaming industry, which is also not standing still and is constantly growing and improving. Visitors and regular clients of such resources can quickly find any games for consoles and consoles themselves, as already proven models, and brand new.

The most important news in recent years for all followers of electronic entertainment and recreation will be announcing the start of sales of Microsoft Xbox Scorpio that will seek a. While world network "is full of" rumors and assumptions about the capabilities of such consoles. It is also expected that Microsoft X box s games require buyers permanent access to the Internet, and their speed will exceed the traditional X box, which does not lose its positions and popularity among gaming consoles.

But also already well-established model of the X box 360, a review of which you can find on the Internet still has not lost its popularity and demand.

Sharing the power supply and the console, Microsoft was able to achieve better airflow and thus cooling, but Xbox One's in the company managed to achieve the same results and with an internal power supply. Many believed that Scorpio being a more powerful console, will be made with a separate power supply, but it is likely not the case.

The report also mentions support for codecs HEVC and VP9. First and foremost they will be used to encode the video in 4K and 60 FPS in games. If the information is confirmed, it will be much better than what the PS4 can offer Pro, which currently gives 60 FPS at 1080p resolution. More details about Project Scorpio should expect on the E3 conference 2017, which will be held in the summer.

Xbox Scorpio

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Xbox Scorpio Is Now The World’s Most Powerful Console - Do You Care?

Ben and Scott (BS) talk through today's news concerning Project Scorpio's specs and abilities. For more awesome content, check out: ...

  • project-scorpio

    Microsoft destapará Xbox Scorpio esta semana ¿qué sabemos de ella?

    Photo by portalgda on Flickr

  • project-scorpio-1

    Microsoft destapará Xbox Scorpio esta semana ¿qué sabemos de ella?

    Photo by portalgda on Flickr

  • Project-Scorpio-E3-2016-02

    Project Scorpio: Microsoft anuncia la nueva Xbox potenciada

    Photo by portalgda on Flickr

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RT @BeastFireTimdog: So did Xbox Scorpio Spec Fling live up to expectations 04/07/17,
The numberless videos and stories go into great detail about the CPU, GPU, and various other … 04/07/17,
RT @Xbox: Get your danged first look at the technology powering #ProjectScorpio. @digitalfoundry has the scoop: https… 04/07/17,
So did Xbox Scorpio Spec Wallowin live up to expectations 04/07/17,
The Xbox One Scorpio is a six-teraflop #gaming creature 04/07/17,
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